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October 15, 2002

Design and Local Knowledge (Service design conference, Oslo, 2002)


When traditional forms of work and daily life disappear from a locality, what is to take their place? In Spark!, multi-disciplinary design teams from five countries, together with local officials and citizens, conducted design scenario workshops in five very different European locations: Narva-Jõesuu in Estonia; Cray Valley in London; Forssa in Finland; Val d´Ambra in Italy; Nexø in Denmark. Here are the main design scenarios and other outcomes from the five locations The concluding conference in Oslo asked: What kinds of value reside in a locality? What tools are available for mapping communication flows, and for the notation of local knowledge? What are the success factors for design projects in real-world situations? Spark! was co-produced by Doors of Perception and UIAH (project leader, Project leader Jan Verwijnen) for Cumulus, Europe's association of design and art universities.

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