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September 19, 2004

Tools For Citizen Services (Project Leaders Round Table, Amsterdam, 2004


What are the key success factors in setting up design research projects? In November 2004, jointly with Virtual Platform, we organised a meeting in Amsterdam for sixty project leaders from 10 countries to discuss this question. When inviting participants, we focussed on projects that addressed real-world issues or situations; were collaborations between more than two organisations; and which treated technology as a means, not as an end-in-itself.


The format was a series of short project presentations interspersed by round tables. We divided the projects into three themes: Tools For Citizen Services; Resource Ecologies (eg Food, Space, People); and Design And Local Knowledge. Running through the day was the idea of project organization as a design research activity in itself. In learning from each others' projects, we ended up with a list of ways to do things better in the future.

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