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November 26, 2004

Success Factors In Design Research Projects

The reports of last Friday's Project Leaders' Round Table, which we organised together with Virtual Platform, are now online here.
We've posted summaries, most of the project presentations, a bunch of pictures, and a text called "Conclusions". The latter text, I now realise, contains more questions than answers. And a lot of the knowledge exchanged at the event was tacit and not easily published on a website. But you'll get the feel of it all. We will apply the lessons we learned doing this event to the Project Clinics which will be a focus of Doors 8 in Delhi.
If you're interested in the design and management of design research projects, you may also find these earlier texts of mine useful:
Thermodynamics of Co-operation
From shelfware to wetware: where next for design research?
Does your design research exist?
Rules of engagement between design and new technology
Why is interaction design important?

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