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December 14, 2004


This blog is part of the build-up to Doors of Perception 8, which takes place in New Delhi next March and is on the theme, "INFRA: Platforms for social innovation and how to design them". What infrastructures are needed to enable bottom-up, edge-in social innovation - and how do we design them? Doors 8 will address this question from a variety of angles over the five days :
- plenary think-piece presentations;
- Project Clinics;
- a social innovation bazaar;
- one-to-one conversations;
- an exhibit of 100 years of media artefacts from India;
- encounters and exchanges in the city and around.
Your takeaway from Doors 8 will be next-generation service concepts, plus many of the connections and capabilities you will need to implement them.

Posted by John Thackara at December 14, 2004 09:56 PM


I had attended DOORS 2003 on the Media Lab Asia delegation but was quite disappointed with the content featured as well as the discussions.
The DOORS often cited to be a ?non-academic? conference seemed to be just the opposite with a lot of speakers theorizing rather superficially about design issues and emerging design paradigms.

Apart from the speeches made by Ezio Manzini, the Interaction Ivrea team and the RCA faculty I found little substance to be gained from the other discussions.
Unfortunately I find the same happening once again in the DOORS 8, Delhi conference.
Going through the schedule in detail I find the following shortcoming that you might consider filling up. There?s a lack of substantial focus on design efforts and innovative solutions emerging from South Asia. Considering the conference is hosted in this region and the issues are drastically different in this part of the world I would give this top priority. IMHO only Mr. Anil Gupta?s speech in the current schedule points in this direction.

I don?t want to preemptively judge DOORS 8 but the above are my reactions from the last DOORS I attended.

Posted by: Gaurav Mathur at January 4, 2005 08:28 AM

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