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December 11, 2010

What should design researchers research? Report from 2020

I was invited by the Design Research Society to speak at their symposium in Birmingham [UK] . Their theme: "2050 and All That".

So first I did a quick scamper through Peak Everything: peak climate, peak biodiversity, peak oil, peak food, peak water, peak credit and so on; I touched on Adbusters' notions of a Doomsday Machine Economy and True Cost economics; and I repeated my proposition that we are all emerging economies now

For part 2 of my talk, I tabled two keywords that I find work well in re-framing our situation as "terrible - but not hopeless". The first word was catagenesis which means “renewal through reversion to a simpler state - followed by the emergence of a novel form of society”. The second word was resilience which means [in the words of Transition Towns] "the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance, and reorganize, while undergoing change". I concluded this second part of my talk with the proposition that design research needs to evolve from a human-centered to an all-of-life-centered activity.

In preparing part 3 of my talk, I had a good idea that, given what I know about design researchers, they'd be thinking by this point: "yeah, yeah, end of civilization, yadda yadda - but where's the cool research opportunity?"

So I went to Birmigham prepared. I asked the design researchers to imagine, with me, that a Doors of Perception University had been established and that, in 2020, a degree-awarding ceremony was about to take place:

Twenty-five PhDs were to be awarded at this ten-years-from-now ceremony - and I had brought along copies of the theses of the successful candidates to show them. And here they are:

DRS 2.png

DRS 3.png

DRS 4.png

DRS 5.png

DRS 6.png

DRS 7.png

DRS 8.png

DRS 9.png

DRS 10.png

[I believe Dena Fam may aleady be busy on just this PhD, in whiucg case apologies].

DRS 11.png

DRS 12a.png

DRS 13.png

DRS 15.png

DRS 16.png

DRS 17.png

DRS 21.png

DRS 22.png

DRS 23.png

DRS 24.png

DRS 25.png

DRS 28.png

DRS 29.png

DRS 30.png

DRS 31.png

DRS 32.png

DRS 33.png

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