A roof, a skill, a market: The multiple dimensions of scale

“Beware the scale trap”.  In a Letter To Philanthropists Parker Mitchell,  a former CEO of Engineers Without Borders in Canada, advised potential donors that “scale is important, but don’t rush it. Most good ideas take time – to iron out the details, to bring down the costs, to be tested in different environments”. Organic demand-driven scale will […]

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Two talks in Stockholm

I’m doing two talks in Stockholm this month; please tell your friends in Sweden. THE CITY AND ITS BIOREGION: A DESIGN AGENDA Monday 10 October, 18h KTH, School of Architecture, Osquars backe 9, 114 28 Stockholm Lecture hall A 108 Ground Floor SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND CULINARY SYSTEMS Tuesday 11 October, 13h, Konstfack, Svarta Havet check […]

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“Let’s talk about optimism”

Back in November, on the eve of the US book release launch for How to Thrive in the Next Economy, I sat  down with Core77’s Allan Chochinov to talk about the project. AC: When did the book project first begin? Is it something that you’ve been working on for a while, or did it have […]

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What keeps you awake at night?

I was asked, in an interview for Resilience, what it is that inspires my work, and what keeps me going. 1. Who/what has been your greatest inspiration? And why?
 A:  Rocks. And stones. I’ve always loved stones and rocky places – but it was only when I moved to south west France (where I live […]

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Manifesto For Utopias Are Over: Cities Are Living Systems

I was asked to write a provocation for DAMN magazine in Italy. 1         Change and innovation are no longer about finely crafted ‘visions’ of some future place and time. Positive change happens when people reconnect – with each other, and with the biosphere – in rich, real-world, contexts. Rather than ask about utopias, I challenge […]

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The 72 most cheering things I learned on my book tour

SEPTEMBER 2016 Newsletter Since my book How To Thrive In the Next Economy was published – a year ago this week – I’ve had conversations about it at forty talks and workshops. With thanks to my diverse but always generous hosts, this email is to share the 72 most interesting and cheering things that I […]

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Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It

Five years ago I obtained an extraordinary 736 page book called Lean Logic: A Dictionary For The Future and How To Survive It. Written over a thirty year period by the English ecologist David Fleming, the book had been published in a limited edition after the author’s untimely death. Now, thanks to an heroic, expert […]

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Biennials and system change

I was invited to give a keynote in Milan to the general assembly of the International Biennials Association. My talk was called Life’s Work: Biennials and Regeneration. Here below is a summary: The sad-looking structure above was the Dutch Pavilion not long after the Hannover World Expo ended in 2000. Having helped to write the […]

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Back to work or college? Need an uplift? #ThackaraThrive ebook special

If you could do with an uplift on your way back to work, or college, please consider my book How To Thrive In The Next Economy; as an incentive, my publisher has just slashed the price of the ebook to £3.17 ($4) If paying me $1 for each year I spent writing the book is […]

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