Between Sorrel And Supertanker

In what ways can design help people interact with living systems in ways that help both of them thrive? And, what small practical steps might one take to test the effect of small actions on the system as a whole? These two questions informed our Doors of Perception xskool last week; a partnership with Konstfack – […]

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Ten Power Laws Of Innovation

“Don’t think ‘new product’ – think social and ecological value”. Plus nine other rules.

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Ten Features of Ecological Law

Why we need Ecological Law and what it would contain

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66 Universals of Culture

What human cultural needs have stood the test of time?

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Ten Ways To Redesign Design Competitions

Exhibits and competitions should be a means to an end, not the end itself. What would be a worthwhile end?

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Of Change Labs and Living Systems: Doors of Perception Newsletter, July 2013

CONTENTS On Getting Out Of The Tent Xskool in Sweden: Design Within Living Systems How To Use A Fringe-Dwelling Change Agent Most-Read Stories Recent Publications Doors at 20: On getting out of the tent Nearly twenty years ago, in November 1993, the year the web was invented, the first Doors of Perception conference took place […]

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Xskool, Sweden, August

[Above: somewhere on the island of Grinda in the Stockholm Archipelago., where FuturePerfect takes place 14-18 August). What are social-ecological systems? How do you design in them? What new skills do we need to do so? These three questions inform a Doors of Perception xskool that takes place in August as part of the FuturePerfect Festival in Sweden.

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Green Tourism: Why It Failed And How It Can Succeed

Packaged mass tours account for 80 percent of journeys to so-called developing countries, but destination regions receive five percent or less of the amount paid by the traveller. For local people on the ground, the injustice is absurd: if I were to pay e1,200 for a week long trek in Morocco’s Atlas mountains, just e50 […]

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Trust Is Not An Algorithm: Big Data Are Hot, But They Also Miss A Lot

[Illustration from] By some accounts the world’s information is doubling every two years. This impressive if unprovable fact has got many people wondering: what to do with it? Many big brands hope that the analysis of Big Data will give them a ‘360 degree view’ of customers: Who they’re interacting with, where they shop, how […]

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