Conflict and Design

An exhibition in Belgium poses a timely challenge: When confronted by such complex issues as an ageing population, resource depletion, migration, or growing impoverishment, how are we to balance the desire to do something positive, with the need to understand the back story before we intervene? The installation (shown above) consists of open books, in different […]

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Six Key Elements and Five Steps Of A Social Harvest Festival

A big part of social innovation involves connecting people with each other in ways that are inclusive, uncomplicated, inexpensive, and joyful.

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Shoe City vs Sole Rebels

Two radically opposed models of development are being born in Ethiopia at the same time. One is small, local, socially fair, and ecologically respectful. The other takes the globalisation of fashion to a new and more destructive level. No sooner had I posted a long piece on Politics And The Fashion System than two stories  reached me from Ethiopia […]

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A Whole New Cloth: Politics and the Fashion System

In fashion, despite more than 400 eco labels, an incremental ‘do less harm’ approach has addressed the symptoms, but not the principal cause, of our difficulties: an economy based on perpetual growth in a finite world. A new and global ‘leave things better’ politics affirms our co-dependency with living systems and the biosphere. The Commons, and […]

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Design Grammars for Health and Care

Health and wellbeing are properties of social-ecological systems – so how you design in those?

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Twelve Service Design Resources

Books, networks, blogs, tools, events – and a wiki

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Design and Energy: Thirteen Great Writers

Including a physicist, a mathematician, an actuary, an ecologist, a stoic, and a Druid.

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100 Locally Needed Skills

From fish smokers to button makers – there’s so much to do.

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The Five Skills Of A Resilience Impresario

How to develop a shared vision among multiple stakeholders – and the other capabilities we need.

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