The Transition Companion

We can do this the hard way or the easy way. The easy way is that you skip this post and buy the book now. The hard way is that your reviewer attempts to describe a 320 page book whose contents have been shaped by the infinitely varied experiences of self-organising initiatives around the world. […]

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50 Alternatives to University and Design School in the Americas & Canada

From Bioregional Planning in Idaho, to permaculture in Brazil

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Zürich Eco Lab

As the guest last week of Zurich University of the Arts I set the following task to a group of sixteen masters students: “Create the plan for a social harvest festival that will reconnect Zurich with its natural ecosystems and grassroots social innovators.” The idea was to demonstrate, in practice, and at a city-wide scale, […]

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Hard Words And Soft Words

The words we use often shape the ways we look at the world – and hence, the actions we take. Here are some hard words and their soft alternatives.

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How To Make Our Own Money – A Reading List

The money system we have now is ecocidal – but people are designing alternatives.

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Social Tools: A Solidarity Economy To-Do List

From potlucks, to time-share: 35 different platforms that probably need to be designed for your locality.

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Next Generation Biennials: My How-To Guide

Biennials should connect people to a place, and help them learn from that experience

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Doomer To-Do List: 100 Items Likely To Disappear First

We take these artefacts for granted – but they’d soon become scarce if our globally-connected economy were to unravel.

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Design In The Light of Dark Energy

[ This text is a shortened version of my talk at last month’s conference in Philadelphia on Architecture & Energy; proceedings of that event will be published as a book later this year. Whilst preparing the talk, and this text, I also prepared this Reading List for Mr Monti. ] When the new Italian Prime […]

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