50 Alternatives to University and Design School in the Americas & Canada

From Bioregional Planning in Idaho, to permaculture in Brazil

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Zürich Eco Lab

As the guest last week of Zurich University of the Arts I set the following task to a group of sixteen masters students: “Create the plan for a social harvest festival that will reconnect Zurich with its natural ecosystems and grassroots social innovators.” The idea was to demonstrate, in practice, and at a city-wide scale, […]

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Hard Words And Soft Words

The words we use often shape the ways we look at the world – and hence, the actions we take. Here are some hard words and their soft alternatives.

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How To Make Our Own Money – A Reading List

The money system we have now is ecocidal – but people are designing alternatives.

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Social Tools: A Solidarity Economy To-Do List

From potlucks, to time-share: 35 different platforms that probably need to be designed for your locality.

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Next Generation Biennials: My How-To Guide

Biennials should connect people to a place, and help them learn from that experience

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Doomer To-Do List: 100 Items Likely To Disappear First

We take these artefacts for granted – but they’d soon become scarce if our globally-connected economy were to unravel.

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Design In The Light of Dark Energy

[ This text is a shortened version of my talk at last month’s conference in Philadelphia on Architecture & Energy; proceedings of that event will be published as a book later this year. Whilst preparing the talk, and this text, I also prepared this Reading List for Mr Monti. ] When the new Italian Prime […]

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A Reading List for Mr Monti

As an exercise, I thought I’d share with you (and Mr Monti) the best writers on my reading list – in the order I’ve read them, not in chronological order. 1. TOM MURPHY – DO THE MATH If you suspect, but cannot prove, that modern life simply does not add up, you’ll love Tom Murphy’s […]

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