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City Eco Lab: Les Stefanois and Sugoroku: only connect

The Sugoroku project, designed by Catherine Beaugrand for the Saint Etienne Biennial, took a fresh look at ways media games might connect people with neglected assets of a city – physical, social, biological. In recent times, media artists have expored numerous ways to transform the use and experience of public space. The concepts of near […]

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City Eco Lab: Velo Wala

A personal treat for me at City Eco Lab was the VeloWala installation that’s being put together for us specially by Quicksand and friends in India. Across the hall the Velowala presentation about bicycle-enabled commerce in India was as fabulous as I knew it would be. Avinash (below) and his colleagues are building a rich […]

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City Eco Lab: Debt, Diesel and Dämmerung

What’s the poihnt of City Eco Lab? To understand why I believe these modest experiences to be important, take a look at today’s The Automatic Earth; it reviews once again the ways that economy, energy and environment crises are converging. The jolly editors of The Automatic Earth, who describe these times as “Debt, Diesel and […]

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City Eco Lab: Exyzt’s buildings as events

Shown below, Exyzt’s hang-out that they built for themselves at City Eco Lab. Not very Design – but the coolest corner in the shed. Exyzt next project, which is called Monumento that they’re about to do in Brazil with Coloco, is to re-purpose this 24 story skyscraper in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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City Eco Lab – the encounters

Like all that soil? One of the key ideas in City Eco Lab is to make eco-systems, earth and water the basis of re-imagining the city – not “the economy”. The lower photograph shows jonggi, or earthen jars, used in Korea to store condiments and kimchi pickles. The image introduces a statement about food storage […]

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City Eco Lab: on site and building…

[ CITY ECO LAB RUSH part 1.Envoyé par cityecolab ] …only we’re pouring earth not concrete See you in our little shed!

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City Eco Lab – Preview -70 days to go

This two-week-long market of sustainability projects opens in 70 days from now in St Etienne, France. We have set out to design a scalable, reproducable event, at the level of a city-region, that will materially accelerate its transition to sustainability. As with Dott07 in North East England, citizen co-design of projects are at the core […]

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Global place – or is it a hat?

The following is the text of my lecture at the Global Place conference in an unseasonably warm Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Joshua Kauffman has posted an excellent summary of the event here). THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT Some of you may know Oliver Sacks’ book “The man who mistook his wife for […]

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The post-spectacular city

This is my lecture to a conference at Westergasfabriek, in Amsterdam, called Creativity and the City, on 25 September 2003. In Rajhastan, travelling storytellers go from village to village, unannounced, and simply start a performance when they arrive. Although each story has a familiar plot – the story telling tradition dates back thousands of years […]

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