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Design per un futuro sostenible

To cap three days of high-energy conversation at Changing The Change in Torino at the weekend – it’s already been very well reviewed and signposted by Mark Vanderbeeken at Core 77 – and here by David Stairs – my dynamic editor at Allemandi, Pier Paolo Peruccio, handed me the first copy of In The Bubble […]

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Passing through Amsterdam last week, I could not help but notice that the entire populace was dressed in white. There was talk of a rave in a football stadium – but I prefer to believe that they’ve all been assimilated by a post-human collectivity based in Tiblisi.

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Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

“Nature provides human society with a vast diversity of benefits such as food, fibres fuel, clean water, healthy soil, protection from floods, protection from soil erosion, medicines, storing carbon (important in the fight against climate change) and many more. Though our wellbeing is totally dependent upon these ecosystem services they are predominantly public goods with […]

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Pssst: how much do you weigh?

California’s strategy for sustainable mobility is to run sixteen lane traffic jams on ethanol. In Sweden, Volvo have launched this hybrid-drive trash truck which I saw in Goteborg yesterday. It’s silent at low speeds when it’s collecting bins: the all-electric drive is for moving off from standstill and for acceleration up to 20 kph (12 […]

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Green fatigue league table

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This chilling image, which I saw first at Core 77, is a visualization of space-junk by the European Space Agency. The images (there’s a series) show all the satellites and human-made debris now orbiting space as a result of 51 years of launching devices since Sputnik – a total of 6,000 rocketloads. If you think […]

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Heathrow chaos: time to start digging?

The chaos at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is an excellent example of what happens when the logic of finance interacts with the logic of large complex systems. As Will Hutton wrote at the weekend, shareholders in British Airways (its sole tenant) and BAA (which runs the airport) demand perpetually growing dividends. Financial returns on this scale […]

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From food miles to fabric miles

Killjoy environmentalists would have us stop shopping to save the planet. What a relief, then, to find a website, shopmodify.com, that teaches us how to shop and save the planet at the same time. I especially like their green shopping tips for Spring: “buy a hot eco-friendly outfit, or choose not to take an ATM […]

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Ecocidal hen parties eating chocolate-covered waffles

The USA is usually vilified as the arch despoiler of the biosphere, but is little Britain actually the number one bad guy? Tony Blair used to assert that Britain is reponsible for only two per cent of global emissions – but it depends which numbers you add up. The chart above, for example, plots the […]

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