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Human sciences and design

On January 13, Donald Norman will receive an honorary doctorate from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. On January 12 a symposium will take place on how the human sciences infuse design, with Donald Norman, Josephine Green, Henk Janssen (Indes) and Paul Hekkert (IO) as the speakers. Entrance to the symposium is free […]

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Schools as gated communities?

Having proclaimed the vital importance of education to the nation’s future, the British government is putting its money where its mouth is. It aims to rebuild or renew every secondary school in England over a 10-15 year period in a seventy billion pound programme called Building Schools for the Future (BSF). It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity […]

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Santa, strategy, and gifting

Do you need to send a memorable gift to your 25 most valued clients and friends? Of course you do. The good news is you don’t have to think about what to buy: Howard Rheingold in Strategy+Business magazine has included In The Bubble in his list of Best Business Books for 2005. And there’s a […]

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Doors of Perception Report: archive

A good friend mentioned last night that she enjoys Doors of Perception Report (the monthly email newsletter that accompanies this blog) but often puts it aside for later reading – “it’s so dense” – and then loses the thing. This is why we made this handy archive.

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Heavy development

(Inez, South Korea) My campaign to lighten up the global economy,as a key aspect of the transition to sustainability, suffered two morale-sapping reality-checks this week. Firstly, UNCTAD announced that the weight of cargo carried on the world’s sea lanes rose 4.5 percent in 2004, and the capacity – aptly named deadweight – of all vessels […]

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Minihompy tales

(Seoul) “That was quite an eye-opener. I thought design was only about MP3 players and mobile phones”. Hee-Beom Lee, Korea’s minister of commerce industry and energy, was not being ironic. Most industry ministers I ever met spend their days trying to boost high-tech. But for Mr Lee the opposite holds true: high tech is normal, […]

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New Doors of Perception adventure

Doors of Perception is to be part of a year-long festival of social innovation and service design, in the UK, called Designs of the Time, or Dott. Throughout 2007, the whole North East region of the UK will explore ways we can carry out familiar, daily-life activities in new ways. Dott, an initiative of the […]

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“Solidarity economics & design”

This is the title of a lecture I’m giving at the Royal Society of Arts in London on 12 December. It seems a good oppportunity to reflect on the lessons we learned at Doors 8 earlier this year in Delhi. I plan to talk about those lessons in the framework of solidarity economics.The word ‘development’ […]

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Sustainability into the wee hours

I learned at the university of Cincinnati last week that 98 percent of all US households containing babies use some disposable diapers, and that an American child can run through 8,000 to 10,000 of these products before becoming fully toilet trained at age three or later. This is in contrast to a baby born in […]

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