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Man vs nature

What happened to the people who built the ruined temples of Angkor Wat, the long-abandoned statues of Easter Island, and the crumbling Maya pyramids of the Yucatan? In his new book Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed Jared Diamond suggests that the environmental crises which saw these civilisations collapse were self-induced. I have […]

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Study art and never be unemployed

‘Those who enjoy what they do never have to work any more’. An intriguing article by Sybrand Zijlstra (in a new Dutch publication called Morf ) reports that 80% of students graduating from Dutch art academies pronounced themselves to be satisfied with their education. This is a surprise: endless reports describe art and design education […]

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Watch out for that pesky eagle

When I googled “homeland security” and “design” today I got 1,350,000 hits – up from 600,000 back in August. An editorial site called Embedded Computing Design comes top. ‘Many embedded devices are located in areas critical for homeland security’ the text intones, ‘from the power grid and the communications infrastructure to power utilities, railroads, and […]

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Danger zone?

Someone asked us if Doors 8 is near the tsunami danger zone. No, it is not. The distance from Delhi to Chennai (the Indian city where the tsunami hit hardest) is 2095 km, or 1301 miles. That’s similar to the distance from Boston to Miami, Amsterdam to Athens, or Tokyo to Beijing. The real danger […]

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Time in design

A gorgeous 500 page gold brick of a book has arrived. Time In Design is based on a 24-hour conference by that name that took place last year in Rotterdam. But the conference proceedings (printed on gold paper) are just a start. The book ranges widely over what the editors call ‘cultural lifespan extension – […]

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Closure of Media Lab Europe

It’s sad news indeed that Media Lab Europe (MLE), the European research partner of MIT Media Lab in the US, is to close. Neither of the Lab’s main stakeholders – MIT itself, and the Irish government – was prepared to fund the Lab once it became clear that it would not become self-financing through corporate […]

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Don’t they look young!

For much of 2004, the Doors of Pereception conference archive was inaccessible to the majority of our visitors. (The archive was built over a ten year period for browsers that became too clever and advanced to access material which we hadn’t touched….). Well, we’ve quick-fixed a new architecture and most of you should now be […]

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Fearful of the fear factor

Googling design + ‘homeland security’ yields 1,290,000 hits on Google today – up from 600,000 last August. The fear factor is fast becoming a big business. But how significant and extensive are the actual threats? A timely seminar on 10 February at the Oxford Internet Institute examines one aspect of the fear boom: spam. To […]

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How to play the innovation game + APOLOGY

“If you’re a manager at a company that’s going to compete globally by playing the innovation game, you’re going to have to learn how to innovate. When people talk about innovation in this decade, they really mean design”. That was Bruce Nussbaum in Business Week , Tuesday, January 04, 2005. And this is a shameless […]

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