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Happy in your work?

According to the City & Guilds Happiness Index hairdressers are the happiest workers in Britain: 40 percent say they are very content in their job (giving their careers a score of ten out of ten). Next in the happiness stakes are the clergy (24 percent ), chefs/cooks (23 percent ), beauticians (22 percent ), and […]

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It’s a material NYC

The US leg of my book tour for In The Bubble kicks off in New York on May 13. I’m speaking at an event called Malfatto: Imperfect Design for a Better World?. Material Connexion’s founder, George M. Beylerian, has invited an awesomely creative bunch of speakers: the architect/artist Gaetano Pesce; toy maker and sculptor Kardash Onnig; trend […]

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Wireless Philly

Digital Cities Convention (May 2-4 in Philadelphia) is part of “a global thought-leadership series to accelerate the adoption of broadband wireless technologies for economic and social development worldwide”. According to a piece in muniwireless.com, Philadelphia was chosen to launch the Convention in light of Wireless Philadelphiaâ„¢, an ambitious initiative to strengthen the city’s economy and […]

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One for the birds

Science tells us birds sing to attract mates and defend territories. But why do some birds make only a “peep” and others sing ornate songs that go on for hours? An intriguing event in New York on 16 April brings scientists together with musicians and poets to explore how different approaches have explored and made […]

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Sorry, Stefan

I owe an apology to Stefan Magdalinski, from whitelabel.org, who was one of the star turns at Doors 8 (and has nice words to say about the event in his blog). In yesterday’s emailed Doors Report, I managed to omit a “not” and thereby render a sentence about Stefan weird. I said, “he left the […]

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It arrived!

Four years since I started work on it (not counting the ten years of Doors events it draws on) I received the first printed copy of my book. You won’t beleve what a relief it is that it’s finally done. Thanks a million to the many people who helped make it happen.

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Conference pictures

Pre-Conference workshops. 46 images. Day 01 Conference. 18 images. Day 01-b Conference. 49 images. Day 03 Conference. 69 images.

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Doors 8 Holi party pix

The first 61 Holi party images are online. As Bhagwat Shah explains: “amongst India’s innumerable festivals, Holi ranks as the most colourful. It celebrates the arrival of spring and death of demoness Holika, it is a celebration of joy and hope. Holi provides a refreshing respite from the mundane norms as people from all walks […]

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Doors 8 proceedings

So here’s the deal: You probably had a perfectly good reason not to come, and you were of course missed, but those of us who made it to Doors 8 are pretty comprehensively wiped by an amazing week. The concluding Holi party slowed our turnaround time further, so you’ll have to wait a few days […]

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