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Job going in Albertopolis

We don’t usually run job ads here, but Doors has a long history with the Interaction Design group at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, and they need a new head, so just this once we’re happy to pass the word along to you. One of the best things about the job is […]

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Fight this injustice!

A kindly-looking gent called Jack Welch has drawn the short straw to beat all short straws. His new book ‘Winning’ has been selected by Fast Company to compete against ‘In The Bubble’ for that magazine’s book of the month selection. It’s cruel and outrageous that such an underdog – the ex-CEO of the world’s richest […]

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Service design notation

What does a service design look like? How are we to represent and visualize such complex artefacts as a service, a scenario, or a strategy? Francois Jegou has been investigating this challenge together with Ezio Manzini in a project called ‘Sustainable Everyday: Scenarios of Urban Life’. They looked for examples of what everyday life might […]

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Life in a swarm

The theme of Doors 8 – ‘Infra’ – is indeed rather broad. Today we’ve posted a list of adjacent organisations and projects that we’ve learned about in developing the programme. Doors 8 is about collaborative innovation – not about charity, aid, or top-down development – so we have not listed that vast part of the […]

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Save the Giroud Verifier!

Speaking of infrastructure, I was shocked to read that Amsterdam’s museum of energy generating equipment and lifts – EnergeticA – is threatened with closure; there’s also a danger that its collection will be broken up. EnergericA is in an old power station and most of its exhibits relate to electricity rather than electronics. I never […]

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Distribute then socialise

A 30 million euro scheme in London will make high speed broadband connections available to 20,000 people in a comparatively deprived area.The scheme will be accompanied by local online services such as community information, message boards, and voting mechanisms to enable referendums.’This is the most ambitious experiment of its kind in the UK, and will […]

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For a food mile tachometer

Truck drivers already have to endure supervision by a tachometer which logs their speeds and driving times on behalf of myriad external authorities. Why not a tachometer for tomatoes, to monitor and make explicit food miles? Food distribution can be tremedously wasteful, but invisibly so. The concept of food dates back to a study called […]

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Pre-Doors8 workshops

Several pre-conference workshops will take place in and around Delhi before Doors 8 itself – especially on Friday 18 to Sunday 20 March. Participation in a workshop is by agreement with the workshop leader concerned, and you have to register for Doors 8 first, to be eligible to take part. An equal number of places […]

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Who will be who?

We have updated the speaker profiles (there’s a button on the right of this screen). These should give you a better idea of the kind of people you’ll meet and interact with in Delhi. Our week together features a range of activities : – plenary think-piece presentations (Monday and Tuesday); – Project Clinics and workshops […]

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