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New Dark Ages? Not At All

“Avoidance of difficulty or unpleasantness. Disavowal of extreme situations. Retreat into distraction. These appear to be the hallmarks of the fast-encroaching New Dark Ages”. No, these words are not about the U.S. election results. They’re a comment by Anne Marie Willis, editor of Design Philosophy Papers, on the state of design research. Having tried, via […]

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Adpocalypse Now

Gloom-and-doom mongering can be self-indulgent for the mongerers, and de-motivating for the mongereed. All credit therefore to Adbusters for breaking that pattern with a brilliant come-back issue. It’s about “The Day The World Ends”, and contains some great writing. “”The collapse was only a problem so long as we thought it could be reversed. As […]

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“On Brand”

Am I the last person to hear the expression “on brand” used in the context of design? It was one of several expressions that I heard for the first time at the World Creative Forum in London a couple of weeks ago. Another novelty, for me, was the description of Creative Industries as a “portfolio […]

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Zeroing Out

When an IVR/Speech (Interactive Voice Recognition) system does not meet a customer’s expectations, they become frustrated and hang up or “zero out” to a live agent. According to Forrester Research, customer satisfaction levels with IVR systems fall in the 10 percent range, compared with a satisfaction rate of approximately 80 percent for face-to-face interactions. What […]

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Doors of Perception 8 – INFRA

Welcome to the website and weblog for Doors of Perception 8. The box on the right of your screen lists all the usual notices and announcements you’d expect for a Doors event. The top box, “What & Why”, is an introduction to the event — why we’re doing it, what we hope to achieve, and […]

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Tools For Citizen Services (Project Leaders Round Table, Amsterdam, 2004

What are the key success factors in setting up design research projects? In November 2004, jointly with Virtual Platform, we organised a meeting in Amsterdam for sixty project leaders from 10 countries to discuss this question. When inviting participants, we focussed on projects that addressed real-world issues or situations; were collaborations between more than two […]

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Want to be a design metropolis? (International symposium, Montreal, 2004)

What is a design metropolis? Should a city aspire to become one? A symposium called New Design Cities was organized by Marie-Josée Lacroix for the Canadian Centre for Architecture; Doors contributed a speaker and communications support. The event cast a critical eye over the policies and programs of Montreal, Saint-Etienne and other aspirant design cities, […]

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Time In Design (24 hour workshop on time and sustainability, Delft. 2003)

If the throw-away society is over, how do we design for longevity in products and services? Eternally Yours, a Dutch foundation, organised a round-the-clock, 24-hour event to look at this timely question. Eighty different projects, case studies and scenarios – all dealing with time in design – were presented. The event experimented with a range […]

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Fused space (A competiton about new ways to use new media, The Netherlands, 2003)

Can you imagine a way to enable novel and exciting interactions in public space, using new technologies? A first prize of ten thousand euros was at stake in Fused Space , an international competition organised by the Dutch design foundation Premsela to find inspiring applications for new technology in the public domain. As a partner […]

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