FAQ meet-ups

How can I contact you with any questions?


What’s the refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds.

Can we come as a group?

The Meetups are for individuals but we are also happy to host a single group coming to an Offsite. (contact us: meeting[@]thackara[.]com)

Can I stay longer?

You are not the first one who’d like to stay on a bit 😉
So, yes you can extend your stay at the cost of 60E per night, for a maximum of 6 nights (depending on availability). Please communicate your wishes by email in advance.

All work and no play?

Don’t fret: you will have time to explore the beautiful surroundings, go for a swim or a walk, or have a drink at one of the local bars.

Do we live in with you?

No need to worry. All spaces are independent of our part of the house. John and Kristi live on the first floor, the rest of the spaces are on the ground floor and on the second floor. There is a communal front door to the house, and a central staircase with doors opening to the independent other spaces.

You’ll be handed a key and can come and go as you please.

Can the family come along?

This is a working Meetup so, I’m sorry but they can’t. But, before and/or after the Meetup week, we occasionally rent the spaces in our house to holiday makers. Or we can point you to other rooms or apartments for rent in the area. Just drop us an email if you need our help.

On this subject, I hope you understand we can’t welcome your friends who want to come for a visit, not even that interesting person you just met at the bar around the corner … 😉 Naturally we can make an exception, but do ask us beforehand. Be mindful that this is our home, and that this is a working week.

What is your smoking policy?

Inside it’s no-smoking. Outside all is fine.



Food, drink etc.

We provide a comfortable space in an historical building and quality time with each other and with John – but are not heavy on service, meaning we don’t cook for you. There are two kitchens at your disposal and a BBQ in the courtyard. And there are various shops and affordable restaurants nearby.

Having said that, on the day of arrival we will welcome you with a simple home cooked meal. Usually this is vegetarian, with dairy products. Vegans and gluten/nut-free people will have to get creative 😉
We will make sure we’ll have some pantry-basics available.
Breakfast in the summer kitchen is self-serve but we provide organic muesli, milk and fruit (coffee an tea as well), and a home-baked bread. For those who want to enjoy a classic french breakfast we recommend to pop out to the bakery – 5 minutes walk away – to get your own croissants etc.
We usually don’t join you for breakfast.
On the last evening we propose to have a communal potluck meal, to use up the left overs.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-intolerant

The good news is that since there are kitchens in the house, you will not starve. Our organic shop is well stocked, our food market is great, but eating out might be a challenge for you.

More and more restaurants offer a vegetarian choice (we’ll point you to those). Vegan dishes however are rare in local restaurants. Gluten-free only recently appeared on the shelves in the supermarkets and hasn’t inspired the local restaurant business yet. (we are flexitarians ourselves)

What to pack?

Swimsuit (and watershoes, but we do have a small collection of those too)
– no need for beach towels, you’ll be provided with linens and beach towel
– Sensible walking shoes
– 1 warm layer for chilly evening


We’re in the car-free center of town, in the “quartier médiéval”, where streets are narrow and neighbours are plentiful. Please be mindful and don’t make a racket.

  • The Meetup dates 2020

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Meetups of 2020 are canceled

  • Meetup Guestbook

    • Maxim Dedushkov / November 7, 2019:
      Dear Kristi and John, thank you for hosting us for our annual Holis retreat. We enjoyed our stay in your beautiful house. The nearby market... »
    • Dominika / October 1, 2019:
      Dear John and Kristi, you’ve created an amazing place, filled with peace and unique energy. A place that adjusts to the pace of the visitor,... »
    • SHUMIN LUO / September 30, 2019:
      First of all, I’m super grateful to John and Kristi who gave me a chance to have a very enjoyable time in their home. It’s... »
    • Michala / September 29, 2019:
      In the place that “chose him”, @john.a.thackara opened his house for small meetups. Not everyday you have the chance to discuss your projects with someone,... »
    • Arely / September 2, 2019:
      The Thackara Meetup 2019 was a wonderful experience overall and a unique opportunity to develop a better understanding of my personal-professional practice. After a week... »
    • Jenny from UK / August 31, 2019:
      For me, the meet-up was truly life-changing; brilliant content, group company, accommodation, food and the waterfalls were to die for! John gave me the boost... »
    • Go from Goldsmiths / August 31, 2019:
      I genuinely enjoyed the every single moment I spent during the week. Thanks to not only the fantabulous Thackara team but also amazing talents from... »
    • Georgina / August 31, 2019:
      John and Kristi, your house is an absolute dream! I felt so welcomed and comfortable. You allowed us to take everything at our own paces,... »
    • Anne / August 31, 2019:
      I was working on my first book and it was amazingly helpful to have the space (both mentally and physically) to concentrate on this whilst... »