FAQ show-ups

How can I contact you with any questions?


Can we come as a group?

Yes you can. (but no children or pets)
We can offer space to a group of up to 6 people. Depending on the size and configuration we can negotiate a group price and/or size.
Do get in touch if this is something you’re thinking about: meeting@thackara.com


Yes, the significant other can come too (no children or pets though).
If you’re a couple then go for the Couple ticket of 495€.

Can I stay longer?

Yes you can extend your stay by 1 day at the cost of 65€ per night. It might be possible to add on more days, but we can’t promise. We can decide on the spot.

Can I stay fewer days?

Yes you can come for only 2 days but we will have to charge: 330€ minus 50€ = 280€
(for Couples: 495€ minus 75€ = 420€)
Please communicate this beforehand.

What’s the refund policy?

In principle we don’t offer refunds but we can make an exception in exceptional cases.

Do we live in with you?

Fortunately not 😉 John and Kristi occupy the first floor, the rest of the spaces are on the ground floor and on the second floor. There is a communal front door to the house, and a central staircase with doors opening to the independent other spaces. You’ll be handed a key and can come and go as you please.

What is your smoking policy?

Inside it’s no-smoking. Outside all is fine.


Yes, there are even two separate modems. (both ADSL)

Food, drink etc.

We invite you to have a home cooked meal with us on your first evening (friday). On the last evening (sunday) we can have a communal potluck meal, to use up the left overs. Not obligatory so let’s see how it goes.
There are two kitchens at your disposal, one on the second floor, and our Summer kitchen on the ground floor.
There are various shops and affordable restaurants nearby.
We’ll make sure pantry-basics are available: pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, spices etc.
For breakfast we’ll provide basics like milk, fruit, coffee and tea etc. For those who want to enjoy a classic french breakfast we recommend to pop out to the bakery – 5 minutes walk away – to get your croissants etc.

What to pack?

— Swimsuit (and watershoes, but we do have a small collection of those in an emergency)
— You’ll be provided with linens and beach towel
— Sensible walking shoes
— 1 warm layer for chilly evenings


We’re in the car-free center of town, in the “quartier médiéval”, where streets are narrow and neighbors are plentiful. Please be mindful and don’t make a racket.

What are the French Covid Rules

Like in most countries the rules are prone to change but here’s helpful information – in English – from the Journal ‘The Local‘ (It’s subscription based but important/national news is free.)
At airports and train stations mask wearing is obligatory (I think), in trains/trams/ buses it’s advised. Air companies all have their own rules.
When traveling to France from within the EU, no proof of vaccination is currently required. But if you’re from outside the EU do check your trusted source for up to date info.