FAQ Winter Residency

How can I contact you with any questions?


What’s the refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds.

Can we come as a group?

The Residencies are for individuals but we are also happy to host a single group coming to an Offsite. (contact us: meeting[@]thackara[.]com)

Can the family come along?

I’m sorry but they can’t. However we do offer this residency to people who are writing/working in partnership. In such case the second partner can come along for a reduced price.

And can I stay longer?

We believe a lot can be done in three weeks but maybe you have a reason for an extended stay. Just get in touch: meeting [at] thackara [dot] com.

Do we live in with you?

No need to worry. There is a communal front door to the house, and a central staircase with doors opening to the independent other spaces.
John and Kristi live on the first floor, the rest of the spaces are on the ground floor and on the second floor.

You’ll be handed a key and can come and go as you please.

On this subject, I hope you understand we can’t welcome your friends who want to come for a visit, not even that interesting person you just met at the bar around the corner … Naturally we can make an exception, but do ask us beforehand. Be mindful that this is our home, and that this is a working Residency.



Food, drink etc.

We provide a comfortable space in an historical building and quality time with each other and with John – but we don’t cook for you.

There are two kitchens at your disposal and a BBQ in the courtyard.
– Summer kitchen: a simple kitchen, adjacent to the courtyard. In winter this space is chilly so you wouldn’t want to hang out there.
– Second floor apartment kitchen: fully equipped and warm. If there is more than one resident at that time, we propose to share this kitchen if winter days are particularly cold. There is a working fire place as well.

Also there are affordable restaurants nearby.

We’ll invite you eat with us occasionally, but you won’t be under any obligation to join. We will be living in the house like good neighbours; we can combine walks, outings and shopping, we’ll be sharing, chatting, eating and meeting when the need occurs.

Vegan, Gluten-intolerant

Our organic shop is well stocked, our food market is great, but eating out might be a challenge for you.

More and more restaurants offer a vegetarian choice (we’ll point you to those). Vegan dishes however are rare in local restaurants. Gluten-free only recently appeared on the shelves in the supermarkets and hasn’t inspired the local restaurant business yet. (we are flexitarians ourselves)

What to pack?

Weather: These days it’s hard to bank on “normal” seasons but you’ll be safe to assume the temperature is anywhere between 5C – 20Celsius. It can rain heavily, but rarely for days on end, usually only a couple of days before the sun comes out again. Unimpressive snow flakes might fall, but no need for polar garment. If you have layering possibilities and outdoor-gear to keep you dry, you will be fine.
Don’t forget sensible walking shoes