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JOHN THACKARA How To Thrive In the Next Economy
REVIEWS/Testimonials @05/08/20


“The vision in this book has the potential to transform our culture”
Fred Kirschenmann

“Marvelous – so much to think and talk about at every point”
Robin Murray

“No 3 in our top books for winter” Shareable

“Our powerhouse reading list for 2016” Forum for the Future

“Radical, relevant and accessible” Konst/Ig Books “One of the most optimistic guidebooks for the future” Core77

“Gives meaning and purpose to young people” The Dirt

“Clear-eyed but ultimately optimistic” San Francisco Book Review

“A visionary yet practical guide” Green Living

“Optimistic without being naive or utopian”  Deco

“Addresses the ‘why’ of economic activity we’ve been lacking”
Publishers Weekly

“Optimistic – small examples with potential to grow into something new”
STBY Amsterdam 

“A multitude of small actions that work” Abitare

Five Star Reviews on Amazon

“difficult to put down- a refreshing, powerful read” …
“a brilliant book – excellent questions, sound research, new directions for the near future” …
“life changing, thought provoking” …
“eye-opening book – hope in the future if we start taking action now” …
“an Inspiring view of the future” …
“fabulous!!! This inspiring & great book puts a real perspective on connectivity” …
“a great inspiration” …


“Light in the gloom” Hugh Knowles “Restores my faith in humanity” Amy Twigger Holroyd  “An economy in which life is valued more than money” Warren Hatter “Buy this book! It is wisdom incarnate” Ed Gillespie “Fab – explains why change is essential” Kate Fletcher “How the small be connected together to make the big” Verge “Fertile for microbusinesses” Upstarting “How Repair Economies can Thrive Again” Restart Project “Escape from an economy that devours nature” Better Sydney  “Brilliant: how communities around the world are building the next economy” Natalya Sveriensky  “A must read for #socialimpact: An economy in which life is valued more than money” Design Matters “Leaving things better – growing a replacement economy from the ground up” SustainAbility “Amazing: full of data and real life experiences. Time to make a change” @LustForL1fe “Full of aspiration & ambition” Howard Silverman “A cause for celebration” Rory Hyde “A must-read” Andrew Zolli “Excited to see the future again” Lavrans Lovlie “it’s great. I just ordered four” Chris Luebkeman  “a smart read” Marcus Kirsch “Optimistic – small examples with potential to grow into something new” STBY Amsterdam “Shows a new, upbeat world story taking shape” Form “A new economy that does not need to grow at all costs” The Guardian “Stacked full of examples that spark turnaround action” P2P Foundation “Enlightening…thoughtful vignettes… Recommended.” Choice “local resilience – and global flows of information. Recommended ” ReStart