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Below you will find short descriptions of the main projects we have produced since 2000. We also publish Doors of Perception Report, a free monthly email newsletter here.
Four Days Halifax (week of sustainability events, Halifax Nova Scotia, 2009)

The Landfill Designers (Programme for BBC Radio 4, 2009)
2012 Imperative Teach-In (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2009)
Off-Grid Water (Service design clinic, Stanford University, 2009)
Sustainable Daily Life (Projects Clinic, The Planning Center, Southern California, 2009)
Travel Without Moving (Design clinic on ‘sustainability immobility’ at Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, 2009)
City Eco Lab (Sustainability festival, St Etienne, France, 2008)
Eco Design Challenge (Schools’ sustainability competition, North East England, 2006-2007)
Designs of the Time (Dott07) (Sustainability festival, North East England. 2007)
Food systems: the design agenda (Doors of Perception 9, New Delhi, 2007)
Aspen Design Summit (international conference, Aspen, 2006 )
Social Innovation Observatory ‘Emude” (European design research consortium, 2005-2007)
Platforms for social innovation (Doors of Perception 8 on “Infra”, New Delhi, 2005)
Tools For Citizen Services (Project Leaders Round Table, Amsterdam, 2004)
Time In Design (24 hour workshop on time and sustainability, Delft. 2003)
Fused Space (A competiton about new ways to use new media, The Netherlands, 2003)
Mobility, Geography, Access (DoorsEast2, Bangalore, India, 2003)
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Helping set up a new instituion, Ivrea, Italy, 2000-2003)
Design and Local Knowledge (Service design conference, Oslo, 2002)
Hong Kong Design Task Force (Expert advice to government task force, Hong Kong, 2002)
Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) (Participation in think-tank, Amsterdam, 2002)
Post-spectacular tourism (Eco-tourism workshop, Narva-Joessu, Estonia, 2002)
The design challenge of pervasive computing (Doors of Perception 7 on Flow, Amsterdam, 2002)
Life in the learning economy (conference for 1,000 professors, Amsterdam, 2001)
The design challenge of pervasive computing (vision development for European Union research consortiumConvivio 2001-2003)
Design and Innovation Research Centre (DIEC) (Planning a new design and innovation centre. Newcastle upon Tyne. 2001)
Quality Time at High Speed (Service innovation workshop, Breda, The Netherlands, 2000)
Local knowledge: the design and innovation of tomorrow’s services (DoorsEast 1, Ahmedabad, India, 2000)
Doors of Perception 6 on “Lightness” (international design conference, Amsterdam, 2000)
Design Clinic for Entrepreneurs (Workshop, Highlands and Islands of Scotland)
Virtual Platform (Advice to Dutch government on new media policy, 2000-2003)
E-Culture Fair ( Marketplace of new media prototypes and research projects, Amsterdam, 2000)
Doors of Perception (Doors) began life in 1993 as an international design conference, in Amsterdam. Since then, Doors has brought together grassroots innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and designers to imagine alternative futures – sustainable ones – and take design steps to realize them. From 1993-2000, the conference was a project of the Netherlands Design Institute, a government-funded think tank. In 2000, Doors of Perception bv was founded – a small private company. Doors now acts a bit like a film producer: We conceive and organize projects, for the most part at a city-region scale, in which multiple partners use a variety of techniques to explore a meaningful question and design practical responses.

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