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People Doing Stuff: Case Study Collections

Words like climate, system, or sustainability are passive. What does work – in reducing the sense of powerlessness and isolation – are examples of real people, taking practical steps, right now. With that lesson in mind, here is a list of case study collections that I’ve found useful, and often inspiring, in my own work.

Traditional Knowledge World Bank
terracing systems, water control, seed sewing…

Ecosystem Restoration Camps
Bolivia, California, Spain, Mexico …

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI)
bicycle weeder, cotton stripper, fertilizer dibbler…

Honeybee Network, India
traditional knowledge, water systems, forest medicines…

Alternatives India
organic cotton, forest culture, biofences…

L’Atelier Paysan | AgTech Takeback
farming skills, farming tech, self-build

Atlas of Utopias
cargo bikes, community agriculture, social kitchens

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