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People Doing Stuff: Case Study Collections

My Villages
village shops, rural art projects, local farms

European Association of Mountain Areas (Euromontana)
rural mobility, Basque pasturelands, silver tourism…

Social Food Atlas
social harvest festivals, urban farms, cooperative grain growing…

Ecosystem Recovery Success Stories (IPBES – from page 88)
lakes in India, former mines in Australia, drylands in Mongolia…

Seeds of Good Anthropocenes (Stockholm Resilience Centre)
social initiatives, new technologies, social-ecological projects….

Curry Stone Foundation
floating communities, slum networking, mobile gardening…

The BlueEconomy: 112 Innovations Inspired by Nature
new sugars, weed control, bamboo building…

Urban Nature Atlas (Naturvation)
eco parks, rooftop gardens, social orchards…

Forum Synergies
wool processing, traditional buildings, grassroots agroecology

Project Drawdown
marine permaculture, women smallholders, silvopasture

European Network for Community-Led Initiatives (ECOLISE)
ecovillages, permaculture, transition initiatives

Pontio Innovation (@API_MRRD)
Welsh chapels and coworking, tree care, coders in the countryside

Les Colibris
magasins bio, vente directe de producteurs, écoles alternative

Green Initiatives, China
biofarms, community supported agriculture, regional fibres

Urban Biodiversity Hub (Actions by 700+ Municipal Governments)
rooftop parks, coot nests, salmon-safe streams…

New Nature Movement Field Guide
pollinator partnerships, green roofs, therapeutic landscapes…

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas @simra_eu
access to land, local food, urban-rural…

EIP_Agri Focus Groups
Ecological Focus Areas, circular horticulture, High Nature Value Farming…

Natura 2000 (EU nature protection areas)
Lithuanian peatlands, old-growth forests in Bulgaria, Shepherd Week in Finland…

Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies (RUAF)
food legislation, funding allocations, regulations…

Urban Nature: 1,000 examples from 100 European cities
green roofs, parking lots, pocket parks….

ARC2020 Cases
upland farming, organic seeds, social economy in Greece

Social Farms and Gardens
mentoring in Scotland, social gardens in Glasgow, field-to-fork in Ireland

High Nature Value Farming
Uplands on Dartmoor, ridges in Romania, grasslands in Greece….

Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (GIAHS)
Oases in the Maghreb, Rice Fish Duck System in China, Saffron in Kashmir

Burrenbeo Trust
Biodiversity Action Plans. community training, learning landscap

ProGIreg Nature for Urban Regeneration
former landfills, aquaponics, green corridors

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