Show Up at our 17C house in the South of France

Are you working for a just transition – but need a break? Why not spend a long-weekend at a John Thackara ‘Show Up’ at his place in the South of France?

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About the long weekend

Listening to a talk, or meeting on zoom, are low bandwidth ways to interact. Why not spend a long weekend with a small group at a John Thackara ‘Show Up’ in the south of France, in the foothills of the Cévennes?

We welcome everyone working towards a just transition: designers of all kinds, ecologists, curators, team leaders, professors, students, researchers, artists, writers…

We’ll have a meal together, with John, when you arrive. During your stay, you can join him on a walk or a picnic, and swap ideas in an informal way.
Or simply stay at the house and reflect quietly in our courtyard. There will also be plenty of you-time at the river, by a waterfall, or checking out a market.


Per person €330
Per couple €495

Price includes 3 nights accommodation. Depending on configuration and/or flexibility we can host 6 -12 people at a time.

The button above will direct you to an Eventbrite web page where you choose your date, and pay. Your spot is secured after payment.

Courtyard in the evening
Courtyard in the evening

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