Talks on Video

Rural Ecological Design, Quanzhou, China (June 2021)

Relational Ecology and Design (40m)
Design Thinking Sustainability Jam, at Milan Polytechnic, 2020

Urban-Rural (20m) Zhangyan Harvests Festival, Shanghai, 2020

From Biomedicine to Bioregion: The Geographies of a Care-Based Economy (1h)
UC Berkeley School of Public Health Dean’s Lecture, California, 2016

How To Be A Slime Mold (40m)
Small is Beautiful, Edinburgh, 2016

Earth Repair: The Kinds of Growth We Need (16m)
Conversation with Terry Irwin, Carnegie Mellon University, 2017

The City as a Living System: A Design Research Agenda (25m) Design x Collaborative Cities conference, Shanghai, 2018

Post-Covid Mobility and Tourism (24m)
Re-Thinking Tourism Symposium, Vienna, 2020

New Geographies of Innovation (55m)In conversation with Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art, 2020

The City and Its Bioregion: A New Story of Place (35m)@IAAC, Barcelona, 2016

Thinking Like A Forest: A Design Agenda for Bioregions (60m) School of Visual Arts, New York, 2015

Rewilding AI (34m) Royal College of Art, London (webinar) 2020

Informal Economy (22m)
Claro Partners Symposium, Barcelona, 2014

How We Meet Is As Important As Why (14m)
Oui Share Festival, Paris, 2014


Social Harvest Festivals (12m)
Oui Share Festival, Paris, 2014

The End Of Endless Growth (20m) Poptech, Iceland, 2012

Cities, Ecosystems, and Public Spaces (65m)
Conversation with Richard Hassell of Woha, Singapore, 2020


Social Food Forum (3m) Matera, Italy, 2019

The skills we need (2m) Elisava, Barcelona, 201

What’s Next For Design Education (3m) Pearl Academy, New Delhi, 2015


Technology and Social Innovation Daily Motion, 2014

The True Costs of Big (3m) deArchitect, NL, 2011

How to connect cities and nature (2m) Rising Architecture, Aarhus

GDP as a doomsday machine – and its replacement (3m)Forum d’Avignon, France

City-Rural Connection Workshop (3m) Abadir, Sicily

Eleanor Thackara’s Fish Pie (3m) Mammamiaaa, 2019