Xskool Workshops

xskool_title Innovation happens when motivated people engage with a meaningful question in a rich context. The outcomes of a Doors of Perception Xskool workshop are a shared perception of new opportunities and the first step – such as a prototype or pilot – towards making a new enterprise happen. Here below are some recent examples:

2016-2017 xskool theme: Design for Bioregions

aa xskool chora Europe of bioregions

Back To the Land 2.0, Copenhagen

DK map

Together with Chora Connection, we ran a two day workshop in 2016 for 12 pioneering project leaders – real-world examples (see map, above) of how local living economies work. We started a new conversation (below) about the fact that city and rural are dis-connected – and what to do about it.

Chora is now planning a series of learning journeys on which pioneers will help each other connect with new partners: regions, municipalities, associations, guilds.

Bioregions by design, South Devon, England