Ganges: Resilience in practice

This event is postponed until Autumn 2014.

Project visits in the Cevennes

Friday 9 to Sunday 11 May 2014

At Resilience2014 in Montpellier (FR), during 4-8 May, whose theme is Preparing For Transformation, delegates from around the world will discuss the resilience of social and ecological systems (SES) – and the ways in which we may adapt to climate, economic and social change.

Could these high-level discussions be enriched by contact with emerging realities on the ground? And in what ways could resilience thinking be useful to a market town in transition where practical resilience skills are present, but not yet promoted?

To find out, a Doors of Perception Xskool will connect participants with interesting projects and sites near the small market town of Ganges. (Ganges, an hour north of Montpellier [30km], is a gateway to the Cevennes National Park, a world heritage eco site).

Each day, small groups will visit near-by projects with local hosts and experts from the region. We’ll discuss, informally, what it means to develop everyday resilience in practice. Could beneficial work for young people be created in stone terrace regeneration, or woodland management? How to increase biodiversity in shared gardens and allotments? What about new models of tourism – such as food routes, industrial heritage, or Green Grand Tours?

Possible project visits include:
–    The historical centre of Ganges – a market town in transition;
–    River Rieutord – (a lot of the time dry) with its biodiversity potential;
–    Project for a new food co-op – with its role in local food systems;
–    Historic stone terraces of the Cevennes – with potential as training sites;
–    Sheep or goat farmers – land stewards facing tough challenges;
–    Former silk factory – site for shared work spaces and a FabLab;
–    Fish farming in the mountains – economic and ecological dilemmas.


Each evening – over an informal dinner – we’ll discuss that day’s experiences together with project leaders. On Saturday, we will be joined by local Mayors and others with special knowledge of the region. The programme includes plenty of time to decompress and chat.

Xskool is hosted by John Thackara, director of Doors of Perception, together with special guests from the Doors community. www.doorsofperception.com/xskool/

[Above: an earlier xskool, this one in the UK]

[an earlier xskool, this one in the UK]


1. For up to 10 students, in-house camping accommodation is available within the €150 admission fee. 
Meaning that for students who cannot pay more than €150, we have up to 10 “inside camping” places in our attic (includes mattrasses and bedding, showers, coffee etc).
You will need  to give your name to Resilience Grad Students <gradresilience2014@gmail.com>.

2. We highly recommend the rooms at the beautiful riverside B&B “La Maison de Pont Vieux”. This building doubles as the main Xskool Event Venue. 
Contact them directly for a list of options and room prices. It’s possible to share a room, (and split the cost) – but please find a room partner at your end before booking.

3. Other options in Ganges and its immediate surroundings are:
Hotel de la Poste: www.hotel-ganges.fr
Hotel Les Norias: www.les-norias.fr
Office de Tourisme Ganges www.ot-cevennes.com

For transport from and to Montpellier, we offer:
a)  Our guide will accompany people by tram and public bus (60 minutes). Transport ticket is €6 return;
b)  Places in an Xskool-minibus at the price of  €10 per person each way from Occitanie tram stop (it’s a 35 minute ride);
c)  A regular taxi from the city centre with four people will be about €30 per person each way.
(Transport to and from the project sites is covered by the €150.)zz-bridge

Admission fees
€150 per participant: includes lunch and dinner.
€150 per student-participant: includes lunch, dinner and a make-shift bed in our attic.
(register by following the link on the upper right hand corner)

We’re looking forward to meet you!