Imagine, with me, that a Doors of Perception University has been established and that, in 2020, a degree-awarding ceremony is about to take place. I would so love it if these were the successful PhD candidates.

DRS 2.png
DRS 3.png
DRS 4.png
DRS 5.png
DRS 6.png
DRS 7.png
DRS 8.png
DRS 9.png
DRS 10.png
[I believe Dena Fam may aleady be busy on just this PhD, in whiucg case apologies].
DRS 11.png
DRS 12a.png
DRS 13.png
DRS 15.png
DRS 16.png
DRS 17.png
DRS 21.png
DRS 22.png
DRS 23.png
DRS 24.png
DRS 25.png
DRS 28.png
DRS 29.png
DRS 30.png
DRS 31.png
DRS 32.png
DRS 33.png