Did we say that green design needs to be less sad and more glamorous?

Brad Pitt, who has few reasons to be sad that we’re aware of, narrates a six-part television series on ecologically friendly architecture, called Design-e², which launches in June on PBS in the US.

The series challenges us to ‘live smarter, greener lives with the future in mind’.

Mr Pitt seems intent on putting those words into action.

He’s reportedly planning a 20,000 square metre resort in Palm Springs that will boast a vast swimming pool area, a huge spa, and an outdoor cinema.

It’s impressive if Mr Pitt has figured out howto design a swimming pool in a desert that doesn’t waste water; many others in the region are worried sick about energy and water issues.

Autodesk, the world’s largest provider of design software, deserves credit for supporting the tv series; it opens a sustainability centre next month.

It’s not in Palm Springs, but a remarkably clean and serene-looking employee is featured on their website. She must have been to a Brad Pitt spa.