In an Offsite, your team of up to six people (max 10, depending on configuration and requirements) will be on their own in the house; our bit of the house is self-contained.

John can be a part of your Offsite if required – or you simply use the spaces without any content involvement on our part.

In fair weather, our summer kitchen, inner courtyard and veranda are great spaces to work together. When it’s cooler, the studio on the ground floor, and the apartment on the second floor, are comfortable spaces for group work.

It’s best if we meet on zoom in advance to discuss your needs: dates, duration of stay, and the involvement (if any) of John.

How does an Offsite work?

We can welcome your team most of the year, depending on availability of the spaces. We can be super agile if needed – but booked is booked. Please try to plan your stay in good time.

Casa Netural Crew at a Thackara OffSite

How to apply

An Offsite, or Workaway, is good for small teams that need to focus on a project. We can host 6 people (or more depending on willingness to share a room).

Please contact me via the contact form on this website

Alternatively you can also send an email to:
meeting [ at ] thackara [ dot ] com


Due to the difference in requirements, it’s not possible to set a general price. Rule of thumb for hosting is 60€ per night per person, excluding John’s time.

Wifi, note pads etc. (do communicate your needs in advance, better we purchase certain utensils here than you traveling with a bag full of feltpens …)

two kitchens, two fridges, washing machine, dish washer, pantry basics, three bathrooms, 5 toilets, a friendly dog, your own key to the house, bedding, linnens, beach towels.



How can I contact the organiser with any questions?2023-07-14T08:52:57+00:00


or send an email to meeting [@] thackara [dot] com

What are my transport options for getting to and from the event?2023-10-31T13:09:36+00:00
  • You can find a complete transportation page here
  • From Nimes or Montpellier Airport, there are buses going to Ganges (journey is about a hour). They are reliable and comfortable, but not frequent. If you decide to go for public transport, it’s best to email us at (meeting [@] thackara [dot] com) so we can guide you through it. (from Montpellier Occitanie: Ligne 608 direction Le Vigan. Nimes Gare Routiere: Ligne 140 direction Le Vigan)
  • From Marseille Airport get on a train to Nimes or Montpellier and there take a bus, or rent a car and drive 2 hours to get to us, or ask us to be picked up in Nimes or Montpellier.
  • At the airports you’ll find car rentals. We recommend to reserve a rental in advance (for example at rentalcars).
  • In Montpellier you can use public transport to the tram/bus hub at the edge of the city, the hub is called “Occitanie”. There you can hop on bus 608 (takes about a generous hour).
  • We can arrange to have someone pick you up. (4 passengers max, you can share the ride/cost if the arrival of an other MeetUpper can be ‘synchronised’).
    The prices are: Nimes (airport or station) 50€ | Montpellier (airport) 40€ | Montpellier tram hub ‘Occitanie’ 30€
  • parking: plenty of free street parking around (but not on the doorstep since we’re in a pedestrian street)

an extensive transportation page you can find here

What’s the refund policy?2023-07-14T08:47:03+00:00

Sorry, no refunds.
(but we are not monsters so if there’s a really good reason, we can discuss it)

Can we come as a group?2023-07-14T08:51:57+00:00

The MeetUp and the Retreat are for individuals, but we are happy to host a single group coming to an Offsite. (contact us)

All work and no play?2022-09-27T16:33:28+00:00

It would be a shame not to take time to explore the beautiful surroundings, go for a swim or a walk, or have a drink at one of the local bars. We even have a bike-rental around the corner (electric and regular bikes).

Do we live in with you?2023-07-14T08:49:53+00:00

No. No need to worry. All spaces are independent of our part of the house. John and Kristi live on the first floor, the rest of the spaces are on the ground floor or on the second floor. There is a communal front door to the house, and a central staircase with doors to the other spaces.

You can come and go as you please.

Can the family come along?2023-07-14T08:48:58+00:00

I’m sorry but they can’t. But, we can point you to other rooms or apartments for rent in the area (i.e. there’s a lovely airbnb 20 meters from the house). Just drop us an email if you need our help.

On this subject, I hope you understand we can’t welcome your friends who want to come for a visit. Naturally we can make an exception, but do ask us beforehand.

Food, drink etc.2022-09-28T14:23:19+00:00

We are not heavy on service, we provide a comfortable space in an historical building and quality time with each other and with John – but we don’t cook for you. There are two kitchens at your disposal. And there are various affordable restaurants nearby.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-intollerant2023-07-14T08:47:42+00:00

The good news is that since there are kitchens in the house, you will not starve. Our organic shop is well stocked, our food market is great, but eating out might be a challenge for you.

More and more restaurants offer a vegetarian choice. Vegan dishes are rare in local restaurants however. Gluten-free only recently appeared on the shelves in the supermarkets and hasn’t inspired the local restaurant business yet.
(we are flexitarians ourselves)

The Meetup was a wonderful experience and a unique opportunity to develop a better understanding of my personal-professional practice. After spending time with John and Kristi and the other meetupers in Ganges, in nature and on my own, I was able to develop a more cohesive story to define my personal-professional practice and goals. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.

Arely , Mexico/Miami

Thanks John and Kristi for such a wonderful week. I got to reflect on a lot, help set priorities and direction in my project, as well as have a lot interested, organic conversations with people that give me a lot of new perspectives to draw on. Plus good food, wine, swimming and lots of laughs!

Rich, Barcelona

Such a treat to meet one of your favorites… then spend a week in retreat. Thank you John and Kristi for the Meetup – the conversation, such loving guidance and deep listening. One of my favorite weeks.

Elias, Mexico

What a joyous week of indulging by doing the project closest to my heart, with support and company and a beautiful environment.

Ann, UK

I genuinely enjoyed every single moment! Thanks to not only the fantabulous Thackara team but also amazing talents from diverse backgrounds who all were absolutely lovely, I had a very productive week. The right balance of fun & work in an absolutely gorgeous environment, which contributed to great creativity/ satisfaction

Go, Japan / UK

For me, the meet-up was truly life-changing; brilliant content, group company, accommodation, food and the waterfalls were to die for! John gave me the boost I needed and input from the group kickstarted a project so dear to my heart — thank you John!

Jenny, UK

This was my second Thackara meetup and it was magnificent;
a great way to meet people, relax, swim in the glorious river and move projects on to the next step.
Thank you – I hope to come back!

Jenny, UK
Dear John and Kristi, you’ve created an amazing place, filled with peace and unique energy. A place that adjusts to the pace of the visitor, and inspires on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, for the walks in nature, and for the hospitality that created a feeling of home. It was a great and unforgettable experience.
Dominika, Ålborg, Denmark
John and Kristi, your house is an absolute dream! I felt so welcomed and comfortable. You allowed us to take everything at our own paces, and gave us access to some beautiful places around Ganges. The mixture of one-to-ones and group conversations provided an effective framework to help push my design practice forward. I’m coming away feeling refreshed, excited to work, and with a whole new set of amazing friends!
George, UK

I was working on my first book and it was amazingly helpful to
have the space (both mentally and physically) to concentrate
on this whilst getting constructive input and advice from JT
and other participants.

Anne, Germany / UK

the perfect place to hide out and finish writing
that thesis, project proposal, or book

Gill, UK

Dear Kristi and John, thank you for hosting us for our annual Holis retreat. We enjoyed our stay in your beautiful house. The nearby market is a festival for any food lover. The walks in the surroundings gave us an opportunity to have deep talks. Your hospitality made us feel at home. I’m grateful for that experience. Hope to be there again soon.

Maxim, Hungary
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