Bioregions by design, South Devon, England


A bioregion re-connects us with living systems, and each other, through the unique places where we live. It acknowledges that we live among watersheds, foodsheds, fibersheds, and food systems – not just  in cities, towns, or ‘the countryside’. Together with Isabel Carlisle and Regenesis we helped to run a  two week course at Schumacher College.

Ecological Restoration by Design, Schumacher College


On this short course at Schumacher College in 2017 (below), which we led with Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, we explored ecological restoration at multiple scales of geography and time. We went on a Deep Time Walk (below); looked at micro-environments in former factories; and met people working on regenerative agriculture; civic ecology, green infrastructure.

Back To The Land 2.0, Pontio, North Wales


If the health of people, and the places where we live, are connected, what kinds of business can help them thrive together? In September 2018, we’re helping launch a new Relational Design Masters with Pontio; students explore live approaches to innovation that are centered on people and place, tech enabled, and design-led. They will learn how, for example, to connect adventure sport with the $3 trillion wellness industry.

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