New talks 2016-2017

(Above: Wilderness Festival, UK, 2015)

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Example lecture topics for 2016-2017

An explosion of new economy models is surfacing all around the world: Sharing. Peer-to-Peer. Commons’ ownership. Mobility as a service. Bioregions. Local money. Transition Towns. Should you fear these disruptors – or celebrate their appearance as an opportunity for innovation?

TALKS 2016 MILAN TRINNALE met ghe media gury
(Above: Future Ways Of Living, Milan, 2016)

In myriad projects around the world, a new economy is emerging whose core value is stewardship, not extraction. Growth, in this new story, means soils, biodiversity and watersheds getting healthier, and communities more resilient. The focus of this talk is on live projects such as fibersheds, food commons, social farming, learning hubs, and social infrastructures.


The world is not short of ideas – so why invite me to talk, run a workshop, or spend half an hour on Skype?

I like Marcel Proust’s explanation: “the real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes”. In re-framing questions, and casting fresh eyes on your situation, I reveal opportunities for change. When asked for feedback, 75% of my clients say our session was “inspiring”.

I come to our encounter wearing three hats: a philosophy hat, a storytelling one, and a design hat.

The philosopher in me asks: “what’s the most important question here?” As a storyteller, I introduce you to real people doing inspiring projects around the world. Finally, with my design hat on, I ask what these innovations mean for your place in the regenerative economy that’s now emerging.

(Above: Floating Talk Show, The Alternative, Paris, 2015)

I do big-picture keynote talks for cities, companies, universities, and institutions. I often chair events (when people seem to enjoy my Q+A interviews). A combination talk + xskool workshop gives us more quality time together.

The benefits to you? A shared perception of new opportunities; a determination to make something happen; and a clear understanding of what that next step needs to be.

(Above: OuiShare Festival, Paris , 2014. The text of my keynote is here).

Videos online
My keynote at Poptech! is here; my talk on Big Data, for AMP in Sydney, is here; my talk at Mayo Clinic is here. My 2016 keynote at Earthtalks, Vienna, is here.

Do you need a conference moderator, or jury chair?
People seem to enjoy my lively Q+A interviews. More info here.

“insightful, engaging, and charismatic” Audi Urban Future Award
“brilliant insights into the internet and sustainability” Economic Times of India
“an excellent, thought-provoking session on Big Data” AMP Bank, Sydney
“an inspiring presentation for our executive workshop”  Ikea
“has established a global reputation as a cutting edge design expert” Wall Street Journal
“a business provocateur….” Fast Company
“global expert on innovation and the green economy”(McKinsey Quarterly)

ONLINE OPTION – Brown Bag Skype

For a short change of pace in your Board workshop, or retreat, this simple but effective online format is ideal: Sometimes I send a short video ahead of time, that you download; or we can do a 1:1 session live on Skype or FaceTime. For example:
– foreign ministry officials at a strategy seminar in The Netherlands;
– managers at an innovation workshop in Belgium;
– design educators at their annual conference in the US;
– architects at a festival in Brazil;
– interactive media professionals at a seminar in Hong Kong.

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