10 Jan Barcelona, Spain, Elisava, Open School for Village Hosts
25 Jan Maine, USA, Dr Sue Ishaq Interview, Microbes and Social Equity
28 jan London, Royal College of Art, Service Design at the Service of Ecology
14 Feb Milano, Italy, Polimi, Multi-Species Cities and Relational Design
24 Feb Barcelona, Service Design Challenge, Ten Opportunities For Service Design
11 Mar Tools For Changemakers, David Bollier Video
20 Mar Cumulus Green International Student Design Competition (Jury)
05 Apr France, St Etienne, Biennale du Design, Urban-Rural: A World of Relations
20 Apr London, Trees as Infrastructure (Indy Johar video)
19 May Graz, Austria, TU Graz, Design For Forgotten Knowledges
25 May Ireland, Country Mayo, Art In Landscape, Art as Infrastructure
29 May Shanghai, Aiii Symposium, From Control to Kinship
08 Jun Italy, Abrati, Food Systems and Design
17 Jun Barcelona, Service Design Network, Jury Awards
22 Jun Stockholm, Husqvarna, People and Planet in 2042
23 Jun London, Design For Planet Fellowship workshop, Nature Connection For Designers
25 Jun Switzerland, Luzern, HSLU, Eco-Social Design Symposium
27 Jun Stockholm, Konstfack, Back To The Land 2.0: Food Systems & Design
22 July American Association of Management, Polimi Panel
19 Aug Design for Planet Fellowship, podcast, with Nat Hunter
13 Sep Shanghai (online) Frontier Design Prize (jury)

05 Jan Bangor, Wales: Polar (jury)
11 Jan Glasgow, Scotland, GSA Winter School, Rewilding and Design
21 Jan Seoul, S. Korea, Human City Design Award, Welcome Statement
28 Jan Lantao Design Academy, China, Urban-Rural Professional Workshop
04 Feb Arles, France, Atelier Luma, Algae Lab, interview
19 Feb Guatemala, Diseño SOS(tenible), Pathways To Sustainability
15 Feb Milano, Polimi, Lifeworlds: Multi-Species Cities and Relational Design
06 May Ivrea, Italy, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, What Is Interaction Design?
15 May Catania, Sicily, Abadir workshop, Urban Rural Reconnection
20 May Lisbon, Bauhaus Of The Seas, Launch Webinar
26 May Leeds, Leeds-Beckett University Lecture, Alive
00 May Torino, Circolo Del Design, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Humanizing Technology,
30 June Low Impact (Interview) What Does The Future Hold?
29 June Alès, Outdoor Festival Cratère Surfaces, Art As Infrastructure
27 June Quanzhou, China, Ecological Civilization Research Institute, Rural Ecological Design
04 Aug Chile, Valparaiso, Encuentro Empresarial, Pathways to Sustainability
09 Aug, Stockholm, Back To The Land Summer Course
29 Aug Milan, Polimi, Relational Design
27 Oct New York City, School Visual Arts, Thinking Like A Forest
29 Oct Shanghai, D&I, Design Ecology Crit
07 Nov Dundee, Scotland, DesignFortPlanet (COP26) Hour of Ecology
17 Nov, Krakow, Poland, OOP Convention
29 Nov London, Design Thinking Academy, Regenerative Design
03 Dec Shanghai, IEID, Beyond Calculation
09 Dec England, Schumacher College, Hour of Ecology
15 Dec Shanghai, Design Week, Francesca Valsecchi Webinar

12 Apr Urban Farming & Biodiversity, Participatory City, London
07 May Post-Covid Tourism, Wien
15 May Social Innovation, Design Bathik (Ahmed Aansari), NYC
09 Jun New Geographies of Innovation, Royal College of Art, London
12 Jun Woha, Singapore (video)
13 Jun Design & AI, Royal College of Art, London
19 Jun Bottom-Up Torino, webcast, Torino
22 Jun Back to the Land, Summer School, Stockholm
25 Jun Design For Change, Edinburgh University
26 Jun Higher Education Summit, Ashoka/Pearl, Delhi
30 Jun Gdynia Design Days, Poland
24 Jul RCA2020, Royal College of Art Degree Show, London
01 Sep Urban-Rural, School of Visual Arts, New York
15 Sep Books As Convivial Technology, Stora Enso, Amsterdam/Helsinki
23 Sep Construction Declares, Hossein Rezai-Jorabi, Singapore
01 Oct Oslo Science City, National Academy of the Arts, Oslo
04 Oct Cities, Nature, Design, UNESCO, Graz
08 Oct Karlsruhe, Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) Driving The Human
10 Oct Oil Age to Soil Age, Abierto Mexico, DCMX, Mexico City
27 Oct Changes Festival, Barcelona
04 Nov PolyU PhD Seminar, Hong Kong
06 Nov Barcelona, La Casa Dels Classics, Reset, Interview
06 Nov Sensory Orders, Ars Electronica, Erik Adigard, Poland
09 Nov National College of Art and Design, Dublin
17 Nov Relational Ecology & Design, KISD Keulen PolyU PhDs, Hong Kong
20 Nov Driving The Human, Karslruhe Media Centre (ZKM))
25 Nov Design Jam Web Talk, Polimi , Milano
26 Nov Sustainable Design Panel, D&I, Tongji, Shanghai
26 Nov Hopeful Futures (text) Quicksand, Bangalore
03 Dec Relational Ecology & Design, Schumacher College, England
10 Dec Lifeworlds, Premio Bornancini De Design, Brazil Design Awards
14 Dec POLAR, Festival of Applied Imagination, North Wales
19 Dec Rural Futures, Limnaria, Italy.