Bottom-Up Torino (Turin, 2020) Jury
Core77 Design Awards (USA, 2015) Design for Social Impact, Jury Chair
Fluid Time Symposium (Vienna, 2015) Symposium Chair
Lab For Change Makers (Amsterdam, 2015) Symposium Chair
Sustrans (London, 2015) Sustainable Mobility, Chair
Chora Connection (Copenhagen, 2015) Back To The Land Symposium, Chair
Curry Stone Design Prize (USA, 2014) International Jury
Unbox Festival (Delhi 2013) AHRC Social Innovation Challenge, Jury President
Audi Urban Future Initiative (Istanbul, 2012) International Jury, Chair
World Design Forum (Eindhoven, 2011, 2012) WDF12 Design & Health, Conference Chair
Buckminster Fuller Award (New York, 2011) International Jury
Condé Nast Traveller Design Awards (London, 2011) International Jury
Rotterdam Design Prize (Rotterdam, 2011) Jury Chair
India Future of Change (India, 2011) Designing Innovation, International Jury
Victor Papanek Award (Vienna, 2011) International Jury
EDF Sustainable Design Challenge (Paris, 2010) International Jury
Royal Society of Arts (London, 2009) Design Futures Awards, Jury Chair
Forum d’Avignon (Avignon, 2009) Beyond GDP, Panel Chair
City Eco Lab (St Etienne, 2008) French Design Biennial, Curator
Dott 07 (Newcastle, 2007) Social Innovation Biennial, Programme Director
Picnic Green Challenge (Amsterdam, 2007) International Jury
Aspen Design Summit (Aspen, 2006) Conference Chair
Fused Space (Rotterdam, 2004) International Jury
Spark! Design For Local Knowledge (Oslo, 2003) Conference Chair
International Browser Day (The Netherlands, 2002) Conference and Jury Chair
Intelligent Information Interfaces (i3) (Europe, 2000) Project Chair, Presence
DNP Network Art Award (Tokyo, 1996) International Jury
European Design Prize (Brussels, 1994) Jury and Conference Chair
Biennale Interieur (Kortrijk, Belgium, 1994) International Jury

Doors of Perception Conferences

Doors 9 Food, Delhi 2007
Doors 8 Infra, Bangalore, 2005
Doors East 2, Tomorrow’s Services, Bangalore, 2002
Doors 7 Flow, Amsterdam, 2002
Doors East, Ahmedabad, India, 2000
Doors 6 Lightness, Amsterdam, 2000
Doors 5 Play, Amsterdam, 1998
Doors 4 Speed, Amsterdam, 1996
Doors 3 Info-Eco, Amsterdam, 1994
Doors 2 Home, Amsterdam, 1994
Doors 1, Amsterdam, 1993

Doors of Perception was a design conference
in Europe and India which brought together
grassroots innovators to work with designers to
imagine sustainable futures – and take practical
steps to meet basic needs in new and sustainable
ways. Starting in 1993, nine conferences were
organised with an average attendance of about
one thousand people; they came from a total of 52
countries. The results of Doors were published from 1994 on its website, which won a ‘Peoples Voice Award’ at the Webbies — the so-called “Oscars of the Internet” – in 1999 (that website unfortunately no longer exists). In addition to the main Doors conferences, there were also Open Doors public events, two Doors On Tour roadshows (to the USA, and India), two CD-roms, and a book. In the words of ‘Wired’, Doors is where “top conceptual thinkers ruminate on sticky new media subjects”; for ‘Scientific American’, Doors “examines new paths to development … a place where key questions are raised”; ‘NRC’ recognised that Doors “brings together the international avant-garde in new media and computer networks.
Until 1999, Doors was produced by The Netherlands Design Institute. In January 2000, Doors of Perception became an independent foundation (stichting) with John Thackara, formerly director of the Netherlands Design Institute, and Kristi van Riet, as directors. In 2001, a new company, Doors of Perception Projects BV, was set up.