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How to be global, and great, without traveling

While I’m away, would you help me promote these new editions of my book? In The Bubble has now been translated into French, Italian and Portuguese – and I’d appreciate your support in three ways:
a) buy-and-send copies for all your French, Italian and Portuguese-speaking friends around the world;
b) tell everyone you know, who speaks those languages, that these editions are now available;
c) send me the name and postal address of journalists, bloggers and thought-leaders in those languages to whom you think I should send a free review copy. (john at thackara dot com)
Here, first, is the French edition translated by Anne Despond-Barre and published by Marc Partouche for Cite du Design Editions.
Next is the Italian edition translated by Niels Betori and published by Pier Paolo Peruccio for Allemandi.
And here, below, published by Virgilia and available from Saraiva is the Portuguese edition published by Marcelo Melo.

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  1. Posted April 26, 2009 at 09:31 | Permalink

    A book in the Internet age ! Well done and let’s hope that the content grabs people’s attention.
    Ideas – register a twitter account in france called sarko and another called nonpoursarko . put the book on each and see what happens. you may need some publicity. don’t know if french use facebook ; might be bebo or another brand.
    loic le meur of seesmic fame seems a french internaut – he may know the french cyberspace experts / who has the largest following
    By the way, amazing that the French edition has NO photo on the cover – is this le snobbisme intellectuel at work ?
    Spain – can only promise to point cousins to the site
    Do you have twitter followers ?

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