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Back To The Land 2.0: Some JT Videos

These videos introduce the annual Back To The Land 2.0 summer school in Sweden that I run together with Konstfack (Cheryl Akner-Koler) and Annika Göran-Rodell. See also my 2022 Back To The Land 2.0 Reading List.

Nine ways to intervene in a food system
Thirty minute video from 2014 – but still relevant. Starts at 3m:
– Mapping Local Resources
– Connecting Growers & Citizens
– New Co-operatives
– Participation of Young People
– Re-Use of Buildings and Spaces
– Seeds and Seed Banking
– Herbs, Foraging
– Connected Garden
– Adapt Other Practice

Social Food Forum, Matera, Italy (3m, 2019
– 15 social food curators meet in Italy

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