We have posted several more of the presentations from Doors 8. Among these are a text from Ezio Manzini in which he develops his critique of “the tunnel that a mistaken idea of comfort, and an equally mistaken idea of economic growth, have driven us into”. He proposes a new idea of well-being, and argues that “traditions can be reframed as social resources, valuable building materials for the future”. Jimmy Wales’ gripping presentation about Wikipedia (now over the 500,000 article mark) is also online. David Burney’s beautifully illustrated talk on the hard infrastructures of New York (including its waste systems) is there. Check out, too, Teko London’s innovative visualizations of “journeys of care” in a decentralized, community-based health system. The non-video bits of Joi ito and Marko Ahtisaari’s final session wrap are also there, together with Derrick de Kerckhove’s intervention on ‘the internet of things’.