By 2020 globalization is likely to take on much more of a non-Western face. So says the US National Intelligence Council (NIC), a think-tank that advises the CIA on the likely course of future events. A new report called The Contradictions of Globalization says that Asia will “alter the rules of the globalizing process”. The report adds, anxiously, that “advances outside the United States could enable other countries to set the rules for design, standards, and implementation”. This is why Doors 8 in Delhi can be so important: this is the right moment to accelerate the emergence of post-tech-push models of innovation and development. The NIC talks apocalyptically about ‘a force-multiplying convergence of the technologies – information, biological, materials, and nanotechnologies – that have the potential to revolutionize all dimensions of life’ – but that kind of macho tech-talk is tedious and old hat. Doors 8 is about more nuanced uses of tech as a support – sometimes – for new kinds services that keep people, not tech, at centre stage.