According to an India survey in Britain’s New Scientist magazine, ‘if the sub-continent gets everything right it will have the third largest economy in the world by 2050, after China and the US. India is not yet a knowledge superpower, but it stands on the threshold’. Is this a good place for India to be? America and Europe are already knowledge superpowers: does this make us happy and content? I don’t think so. If being a ‘knowledge superpower’ means the mindless growth of technoscience, then it’s an undesirable destination. India (and the rest of us) can do better. As Susantha Goonatilake reminded us with his talk on ‘civilizational knowledge’ at Doors East last year, ‘Western scientific logic is twofold: ‘X’ is either ‘A’ or not ‘A’. There are four-fold logics in the Buddhist tradition – and a seven-fold logic in the Jain tradition’.