Bulb-planting has started early at Doors HQ:
– We’ve posted summary descriptions of the last ten years’ Doors of Perception projects – the idea being that we plan to do more projects like these ones, only better.
– All City Eco Lab posts are now in one stack; [City Eco Lab never had its own website];
– So too are all posts on new economic metrics;
– We’ve started a new category on transition and resilience; here we reflect on our encounters with the Transition movement and the ways it is building resilience in communities around the world;
– News on new and recent books by John Thackara are now collected in one place – buy them all now, while books still exist;
– Back issues of our newsletterdating back to 2002, are still there at the Doors of Perception Newsletter archive.
– and (thanks Nique! thanks Kristi!) ) we’ve tidied up the navigation buttons on this page.