My new year’s resolution is to stop writing sustainability to-do lists.

I’m supposed to be an expert, but it still gives me a headache trying to keep track of: the Triple Bottom Line; the Three Main Components (and Four System Conditions) of The Natural Step; the Five Capitals Model promoted by the Forum for the Future (along with its Twelve Features of a Sustainable Society); One Planet Living’s Ten Guiding Principles; the Ten Principles for Sustainable City Governance at the heart of the Copenhagen Agenda; the World Wildlife Fund’s Three Forms of Solidarity; Peter Senge’s Four Basic Shifts; the Framework of Eight Doorways of the Sustainable Schools Network; and the ten Hannover Principles promulgated by Bill McDonough. I’m as guilty as the rest, having cobbled together Six Design Frameworks as the conclusion to my book, In the Bubble.

There are doubtless other important to-do lists out there that I’ve missed. But can we please agree: enough already?