Is this true? Gary Yonge reports from New York in today’s Guardian that US newspapers are warning of threats to America from ‘Londonistan’. “Articles on front pages of newspapers across the country describe the UK as a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism that threatens global security” writes Yonge; (the newspapers report that) London has become a “feeding ground for hate” and a “crossroads for would-be terrorists” where Muslims exploit civil liberties to “openly preach jihad”. I’m not going to get het up about this until I hear from someone else that it’s a true reflection of US coverage. For now, I urge US readers here to read and pass around one of the most moving stories of the London bomings, yesterday’s release of photographs of the missing. One of those missing, 20 year-old Shahara Akther Islam, is a young Briton from the East End of London, and a devout Muslim. The other faces represent the extraordinary variety of creed and colour that makes London such a great city. To me, as a wandering Brit, the real threat to civilisation comes not from radical muslims but from radical consumerism. Another UK story today is headlined “Bombs keep shoppers away”.”The British Retail Consortium predicted £26m of losses since the bombs hit”the story intones gravely. “One retail analyst said the lower footfall, particularly on the day the bombs exploded, was not as bad as he had expected”. Retail – what a charming industry. Not.