A gorgeous 500 page gold brick of a book has arrived. Time In Design is based on a 24-hour conference by that name that took place last year in Rotterdam. But the conference proceedings (printed on gold paper) are just a start. The book ranges widely over what the editors call ‘cultural lifespan extension – ways of designing and planning products so that their value is sustained and they can be lept in use for a longer time’. The secret of sustainability, the book proposes, is ‘being prepared to let go, not to try and and define each and every property and quality of a product in advance’. Time In Design is edited by Ed van Hinte, designed by Thonik and Sander Boon, produced by the Eternally Yours Foundation, 2004, and published by 010 Publishers at euros 34.50 + postage. It’s available from 010 or from: info@art-ants.nl or if you telephone +31 70 362 0577