In this new book Karrie Jacobs travels America in a “quest for a house to call home in the modern world”. It’s not a conventional architecture book; rather, it’s an account of a road trip Jacobs took in 2003 — over 14,000 miles — to meet with architects and builders who might be able to build a nice, modern house in her price range. It’s not a picture book, although it is illustrated by artist Gary Panter. “I’m hoping the book will appeal to readers interested in architecture, design, real estate, and absurdly long drives” Jacobs tells me, “and also to a more general readership. I aspire to be the Rosanne Cash of architecture writing, a successful crossover act”. For me, she has succeeded: the book is beautifully-written, poetic, and inspiring. For an instant spirits uplift, go and buy The $100k house.