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Look – or connect?

Each year 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness and on any given night, over 700,000 people are without a roof. In Houston alone, some 15,000 homeless people live in abandoned buildings, on cardboard makeshift beds, under freeways, and in shelters throughout the city. In Western Europe, too, the number of homeless people is at its highest […]

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The meaning of melons (revisited)

Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), told the US Congress last year that Japan’s debt path was ‘out of control’. Simon warned of “a real risk that Japan could end up in a major default”. [The IMF expects Japan’s gross public debt to reach 218pc of gross domestic product (GDP) […]

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‘Reversing the reversal’ with john chris jones

I’ve been re-reading “the internet and everyone” by john chris jones. I’ve been astonished once again by the sensibility of an artist-writer-designer whose philosophy – indeed his whole life – first inspired me when I was a young magazine editor more than 30 years ago. Like another muse of mine, Ivan Illich, John Chris Jones […]

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Doors of Perception seeks editor/writer to volunteer for special project

Doors of Perception seeks a very capable – but under-employed – editor/writer willing to volunteer for a special project. It’s to compile a New Yorker style listings that will be published as a stand-alone feature. I’m guessing that it will entail three to four weeks of intermittent work – and that it can be done […]

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Live longer! become a micro-philanthropist!

A Swedish study has found that ‘survival was 29 percent better in the donor group’. The study concerned kidney donors, it’s true – but we’re confident the principle also applies if you donate money to Doors of Perception and help us develop this site. A ‘donate’ button is on the left of your screen. What […]

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For sustainability champions: my book is now in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese and Polish.

Rule one in book publishing (where I worked for ten years) is: promote your own book, because nobody else will do so with as much energy and commitment. So, sorry to be brash, but please note the following: Today I received printed copies from its publisher, SUN, of Plan B – the Dutch version of […]

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Doors of Perception projects portfolio

Bulb-planting has started early at Doors HQ: – We’ve posted summary descriptions of the last ten years’ Doors of Perception projects – the idea being that we plan to do more projects like these ones, only better. – All City Eco Lab posts are now in one stack; [City Eco Lab never had its own […]

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Design per un futuro sostenible

To cap three days of high-energy conversation at Changing The Change in Torino at the weekend – it’s already been very well reviewed and signposted by Mark Vanderbeeken at Core 77 – and here by David Stairs – my dynamic editor at Allemandi, Pier Paolo Peruccio, handed me the first copy of In The Bubble […]

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Passing through Amsterdam last week, I could not help but notice that the entire populace was dressed in white. There was talk of a rave in a football stadium – but I prefer to believe that they’ve all been assimilated by a post-human collectivity based in Tiblisi.

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