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Food information systems

Two days ago I was in London to talk with design school tutors about the design competition concerning food information systems that the Royal Society of Arts is running together with Dott07. Today I learned from CalorieLab via SmartMobs that McDonald’s is now placing codes on the packaging of many foods so that eaters can scan the package with their cell phones and find out the nutritional information. “Known as a QR Code, these printed codes look somewhat like a barcode and are scannable by many photo cellphones. All sorts of information can be packed into these little codes, from the website to find the amount of calories and fat in a Big Mac to a company’s contact information on a business card,” the site explains. This is good news for any young designers seeking to win a trip to Doors 9 (the prize for winning the RSA competition): you don’t have to invent a QR food application – McDonalds has done that: take that as your starting point and amaze us with how much further it could go.

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  1. Stelios
    Posted October 24, 2006 at 01:55 | Permalink

    Dear John,
    I sometimes go to Sfakia (in the southern part of Creet (Greece) and I go to a tavern were I eat very good fish there. I do not need the cell phone and the bar codes to tell me about the nutritional facts of the fish I eat….O.K. not everybody has the opportunity to eat fresh fish of example but to try not to use junk food as our only nutrition opportunity that’s the main issue.What in the hell all this instant nutritional information about Big Mac serves to me when this is the only food I have the time and money to afford.
    All the best

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