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Podcast heaven

It’s so thrilling to be modern. My interview with Moira Gunn on the US radio show Tech Nation is now online and thereby downloadable as a podcast. The idea of podcasting Doors-type conversations is attractive, and I’d be interested to hear your response to the idea. (The complete Tech Nation archives are online if you need a wider sample). Gunn’s show was not a low-tech business. My interview took place in a professional recording studio (rented from a Seattle broadcasting company) complete with sound-proofing, expensive-looking microphones and equipment, and at least one professional sound engineer.

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  1. dave bengel
    Posted July 26, 2005 at 03:26 | Permalink

    I heard the show last night and was very interested and impressed. I am an independent consultant/INVENTOR and seemingly by accident I have been drawn to work on a series of technology developments starting with composites design & mfg. technologies–my father build some innovative fiberglass boats many years ago–followed by various applications including new VTOL aircraft configurations and applications–I used to build and fly model airplanes in high school and several years ago I realized that two control line model airplanes flying equal and opposite in the same circle is in fact a tethered rotor “helicopter”–a 100 year old technology that had been overlooked! Next came technologies for harvesting renewable energy from storms at sea–again, based on tethers–then came Non-Lethal robotics capabilities to completely eliminate the need for all conventional lethal weapons, followed by various medical applications for the same robotics capabilities–I broke my arm and it became clear that the doctors need more appropriate technologie in order to insure better outcomes at a reasonable cost.
    Presently I am focused on deploying a tether based cargo delivery system to Iraq–hopefully within several months–in order to replace the land based supply convoy’s ASAP to SAVE LIVES, followed–or possibly lead–by commercial development–which will greatly facilitate trade in underdeveloped countries without sufficent roads, etc..
    I also have some lesser technologies–in terms of their potential effects on basic human needs–but that will probably turn into cash cow’s very quickly in order to fund the more critical pieces of technology.
    I am looking for people to work with on all these developments including a book I have planned that will tie all these projects together into a coherent whole.
    Hope you find this work of interest–I have several dozen white papers available and about a dozen highly qualified people working with me to find way’s to get jump started.
    By the way, did you know that Stanford Institute for International Studies has $100M to fund interdisiplinary projests to solve world problems associated with health, economics, governance, and security.
    I expect to be putting in a very comprehensive proposal to meet this programs needs. By the way, if Stanford people determine to include outside groups that will be within the protocol’s of the program.
    Keep up the good work and please let me know how I can help.
    Dave Bengel
    DBA Bengel & Associates
    P.S. I have some idea’s about how to structure the associated funding and investment opportunities to emphasize empowering individuals as opposed to institutions/fatcats.

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