Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-intollerant

The good news is that since there are kitchens in the house, you will not starve. Our organic shop is well stocked, our food market is great, but eating out might be a challenge for you.

More and more restaurants offer a vegetarian choice. Vegan dishes are rare in local restaurants [continue …]

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Food, drink etc.

We are not heavy on service, we provide a comfortable space in an historical building and quality time with each other and with John – but we don’t cook for you. There are two kitchens at your disposal. And there are various affordable restaurants nearby.

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Can the family come along?

I’m sorry but they can’t. But, we can point you to other rooms or apartments for rent in the area (i.e. there’s a lovely airbnb 20 meters from the house). Just drop us an email if you need our help.

On this subject, I hope you understand we can’t welcome your [continue …]

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Do we live in with you?

No. No need to worry. All spaces are independent of our part of the house. John and Kristi live on the first floor, the rest of the spaces are on the ground floor or on the second floor. There is a communal front door to the house, and a central [continue …]

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All work and no play?

It would be a shame not to take time to explore the beautiful surroundings, go for a swim or a walk, or have a drink at one of the local bars. We even have a bike-rental around the corner (electric and regular bikes).

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What’s the refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds.
(but we are not monsters so if there’s a really good reason, we can discuss it)

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