Majority World:

Agroecology (50+ videos) (Dictionnaire d’Agroécologie)
animals, welfare, weeds

Permaculture Worldwide Projects
rural, residential, intentional

RUAF City Food Network

peri-urban, pro-poor, resource reuse

The Water Atlas: Traditional Knowledge to Combat Desertification
A 447p treasure trove

Rewilding Successes (Ecological Citizen)
hyenas, piney woods, elephant underpass

Traditional Knowledge World Bank

terracing systems, water control, seed sewing…

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI)

bicycle weeder, cotton stripper, fertilizer dibbler…

Honeybee Network, India
traditional knowledge, water systems, forest medicines…

Alternatives India (Vikalp Sangam)
organic cotton, forest culture, biofences…

Global Tapestry of Alternatives
weavers, off-grid money, communal webs

Africa Wood Grow
Umu Farm, Kathome Farm, Mbumbu Farm

Peoples Archive of Rural India (PARI)
artisans, rural transportation, languages …

Forum Synergies
access to land, food chains, renewable energy

Green Initiatives, China
biofarms, community supported agriculture, local fibres

Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (GIAHS)
Oases in the Maghreb, Rice Fish Duck System in China, Saffron in Kashmir

Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ collective territories of life (ICCA)
Territorios de Vida, Tahitian knowledge, alternatives to mining …

Oakland Institute 38 AgroEcological Case Studies
water harvesting, biological pest control, cover cropping

UNDP Accelerator Labs (91 Labs. 115 countries)
energy, food, data



Rest of World (Europe, the West):

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Pathfinders
black farmers, open cities, social justice

New European Bauhaus 2023 Finalists
floating university, depaved school garden, biomimicry learning farm

55 Reasons To Be Hopeful (Ireland)
ecologists, corncrake minders, drivers

Atlas of Social Innovation
practice, policy, research

food, making, caring

Ashoka Green Changemakers
no-soil gardens, electronic waste, refugees

Make It Circular Challenge: 50 Finalists (What Design Can Do)
eggshell bricks, water runoff, woven rugs

New European Bauhaus Hackathon
urban trees, teenage meeting places, invasive plants

Young Climate Prize
clean water, sanitary pads, biodegradable plastic

Field To School
schools, farmers, markets

Transformative Cities Awards
rainwater harvesting, wells, bikes

Rural Inspiration Awards
angelic gardens, Latvian beekeepers, Andalusian shepherds

Entre Rios
pre-hispanic, irrigation, infrastructure

Driving The Human: Seven Prototypes
discarded electronics, bioinformatics, urban farming

Crowther Lab Flagship Cases
forest farmers, silvopasture, tallgrass prairies

EIP Agri: 3,100 projects
deserted areas, biodiversity oases, insecticulture

Project Drawdown Climate Solutions
projects, partnerships, procurement

Biodivercities book
urban biodiversity, green rooftops, citizen ecology

High Nature Value Farming
Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria

L’Atelier Paysan | AgTech Takeback
farming skills, farming tech, self-build

Atlas of Utopias
cargo bikes, community agriculture, social kitchens…

Atlas of the Future
biodiversity, energy, waste

Sustainable Tourism In The North
viewing point, off-grid hut, bird observatory

URBACT Good Practices
abandoned spaces, biocanteens, food waste…

European CAP Network: Newsletters
solar dryer for herbs, beekeeping survey, biorefining


Rural Europe Takes Action
Farm2Fork, Global Bean project, village shops

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA)
agriculture, forestry and rural development

The Blue Economy
metals without mining, propulsion without gas, new sugars

Positive News
eating insects, urban greening, hydrogen trains

European Network for Community-Led Initiatives (ECOLISE)
ecovillages, permaculture, transition

The Nature of Cities
urban nature, urban plant selection, hydrospheres

European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI)
organic farming, plant health, greenhouses

Ecosystem Restoration Camps
living labs, knowledge exchange, training centers

Curry Stone Design Prize
community development, natural building, public space

Seeds of Good Anthropocenes
fish baskets, complementary currencies, cable cars

High Nature Value Farming (HNV)
pastures in Romania, meadows in Greece, shepherds in Bulgaria

Les Colibris: Chez Nous
bio shops, alternative schools, farm2table

Les Colibris: Project Oasis
eco places, autonomous collectives, community energy


village theatre, fermentation, local shops

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)
quarries, mines, watersheds

European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)
youth tourism, agro fibres, mountain cheeses

Social Food Atlas
social harvest festivals, urban farms, cooperative grain growing

Food System Vision Prize
stone barns, cool waters, domes

Lets Food 300 Projects
school cantines, loss & waste, sustainable diets

Terre de Liens
soil care, land access, citizen action

Urban Biodiversity Hub (Actions by 700+ Municipal Governments)
rooftop parks, coot nests, salmon-safe streams…

New Nature Movement
pollinator partnerships, green roofs, therapeutic landscapes…

Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA)
access to land, local food, urban-rural…

Natura 2000 (EU nature protection areas)
Lithuanian peatlands, old-growth forests in Bulgaria, Shepherd Week in Finland…

Global Database for City and Regional Food Policies

food legislation, funding allocations, regulations…

Urban Nature: 1,000 examples from 100 European cities
green roofs, parking lots, pocket parks….

Social Farms and Gardens
mentoring in Scotland, social gardens in Glasgow, field-to-fork in Ireland

High Nature Value Farming
Uplands on Dartmoor, ridges in Romania, grasslands in Greece.

Burrenbeo Trust
Biodiversity Action Plans, community training, learning landscape

European Wilderness Society
wild art, nature experience in Bulgaria, insect respect in Austria

Urban Nature Atlas

eco parks, rooftop gardens, social orchards…

Forum Synergies
wool processing, traditional buildings, grassroots agroecology…

Project Drawdown
marine permaculture, women smallholders, silvopasture

Rural Design Week Italy
intelligent beehives, agri biomedicine, cheese packaging …

Global Forest Generation
Andes Action, water security, forest stewards

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (@CoventryCAWR)
sustainable food planning, agroecology, bee-friendly gardening

Centre for Mountain Studies (Scotland)
biodiversity, deer management, sustainable heritage…

Trees For Cities
Forest Bathing, Edible Forests, Edible Playgrounds

Food systems transformation

agriculture networks, social equity, systems thinking

Paris region working with nature (28 practical ways)
wetlands revitalisation, pollinators, green rooftops

Agriculture Atlas
biodiversity, rural development, organic farming

Endangered Landscapes Programme
Romania, Belarus, Scotland …