1. Be aware that the very concept of a ‘Plan’ is a subject of lively discussion in the Transition movement. These steps are taken from Rob Hopkins’ text,  To Plan Or Not To Plan?
  2. Set up a steering group – but design its demise from the outset. This stage puts a core team in place to drive the project forward during the initial phases.
  3. Awareness raising: Build crucial networks and prepare the community in general for the launch of your Transition initiative.
  4. Lay the foundations: This stage is about networking with existing groups and activists.
  5. Organise a Great Unleashing: This stage creates a memorable milestone to mark the project’s “coming of age.”
  6. Form sub-groups: Tap into the collective genius of the community for solutions that will form the backbone of the Energy Descent Action Plan.
  7. Use Open Space: We’ve found Open Space Technology to be a highly effective approach to running meetings for Transition Town initiatives.
  8. Develop visible practical manifestations of the project: It is essential that you avoid any sense that your project is just a talking shop where people sit around and draw up wish lists.
  9. Facilitate the Great Reskilling. Give people a powerful realisation of their own ability to solve problems, to achieve practical results and to work cooperatively alongside other people.
  10. Build a bridge to Local Government: YYour Energy Descent Plan will not progress too far unless you have cultivated a positive and productive relationship with your local authority.
  11. Honour the elders: Engage with those who directly remember the transition to the age of cheap oil.
  12. Let it go where it wants to go: If you try and hold onto a rigid vision, it will begin to sap your energy and appear to stall.
  13. Create an Energy Descent Plan: Each subgroup will have been focusing on practical actions to increase community resilience and reduce the carbon footprint.

Source: http://www.transitiontowns.org.nz/12steps

See also: http://transitionculture.org/wp-content/uploads/kinsaleenergydescentactionplan.pdf