Can transport and tourism ever be sustainable? The movement of people and goods around the world consumes vast amounts of matter, energy, space, and time – most of it non-renewable. Could transport intensity be de-coupled from economic progress – and if so, how?

This event in October’s series of Dott Debates begins with two keynotes from international speakers. Antony Townsend , research director at the Institute of the Future in Palo Alto, asks: “must we keep on moving?” And Sunil Abraham talks about “open systems as sustainable infrastucture”.

These two introductions are followed by a review of Dott 07’s Move Me project which explored the potential to transfrom transportation resource efficiency in one village, Scremerston, in Northumberland.

After the break, the results of three Dott 07 projects – Welcomes , Sustainable Tourism Design Camp and Mapping The Necklace – introduce a discussion of in the North East’s strategies for tourism and transport.

The event brings together citizens, policy and tourism professionals, site owners and managers, and designers. Its aims are to start debate about decoupling transport intensity from economic progress; to understand opportunities to transform transportation resource efficiency (eg using ICT networks); and third, to discuss proposals for sustainable tourism solutions

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK, Thursday 18 October. The Dott 07 Debate on the movement dilemma takes place Monday 22 October, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead 10h-17h. Tickets are free. But you absolutely have to reserve your seat by emailing